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Unique holiday destinations

Are you brave enough to venture off the beaten path to explore our unique holiday destinations? The most unusual experiences are those you’ll remember forever. So, when you’re ready for the trip of your lifetime, let us inspire you with our favourite unique rentals in extraordinary locations such as Tanzania, rural Sweden, Patagonia, or Indonesia.

We offer a unique, handpicked selection of exciting and exotic destinations for you to explore. Leaving modern life behind and becoming fully immersed in the local culture is something that makes a trip unique. In Central Sweden, you can explore life away from modern conveniences. You will experience the magic of living right in nature while falling asleep in your forest hut to the sound of a crackling fireplace. On the quest for something different?

Why not try a houseboat in one of Europe’s hippest cities, Berlin. With the entire city laid out in front of you, the smooth rocking of the boat and the warmth of the fireplace, the incredible views are more than special. And if you want to bring your childhood dreams back to life, the tree houses at Treehotel in Northern Sweden are worth going the extra mile for. Our unique properties will take you from one world to another. This is where you get to experience the wonders of travelling away from the mainstream.

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