Black Sea Cabin

  • Location: Mountains
    Ortan village: 5km (10 mins by car)
    Çinçiva: 7km (15 mins by car)
    Palovit Waterfall: 13km (20 mins by car)
    Pokut Plateau: 11km (15 mins by car)
  • Rize-Artvin Airport (RZV): 35km (40 mins by car)
    Trabzon Airport (TZX): 140km (2hs by car)
    Airport transfer available on request
    Car recommended
    Free parking
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An introduction to Black Sea Cabin

How would you describe Black Sea Cabin in a nutshell?

Black Sea Cabin is a place to escape, a secret sanctuary, where you can isolate yourself from whatever is going on in the world. It is a shelter constructed using local materials and without hurting the natural environment it is built within.

What is the story behind Black Sea Cabin, what was your inspiration to create it?

Born and raised in the city, I was still very young when I decided to move here. This is my parents' hometown and my secret paradise where I spent all my summers as a kid. I've always wanted to come back here one day and have a home of my own.

When I decided to return in 2009, I wanted to restore the old traditional house that belonged to my family and live there. However, some members of our very large family refused my request.

With my dreams somewhat shattered, I decided to build my own little house from scratch a few years later. The only thing I thought about while building the house was that when it was removed from its setting, no damage should be left behind. So everything was raw and done by hand, including the digging of the foundations.

How would you describe the atmosphere and the interior design of Black Sea Cabin?

I would describe the style inside the house as warm minimalism. I wanted to create a space where functionality was at the forefront and basic needs were met with very few items, and where I could easily observe the exterior from inside the house.

Except for the outer walls, I have created open spaces that aren’t limited by dividing walls, which is also practical for heating and cleaning. Staying here makes you feel as though you are a part of nature because there is no distance between you and the outside world, except for thin, wooden walls to help you survive at night.

To you personally, what is so special about Black Sea Cabin?

For me, the most special thing about this cabin is the feeling that I am part of a living organism. Since the whole house is made of chestnut wood that is native to the region (and without any chemical treatment), it feels as though the tree is still alive.

What do you particularly like about this part of Turkey

It is one of the only regions in Turkey where wildlife still exists — this is the most important element for me. It feels different from other regions — somewhat disconnected from the world. Its fascinating nature and the simple, traditional way of life also make it very special.

Living area
Sleeping area
Living space
Black Sea Cabin

Black Sea Cabin rooms & rates

The house is reached by climbing a hill covered by a wonderful forest. A tiny wooden path leads from the side of the road to the house and there is a magnificent tree by the entrance gate. In the morning, the rising sun warms the east-facing front of the house, making it an enjoyable place to drink your morning coffee in the shade.

As soon as you enter the house (which is quite compact and small), you are in the living space. Opposite the entrance door is a tiny toilet and shower area. In the middle is a kitchen counter and all the necessary equipment for cooking. Overlooking the tea plantations is a terrace that is as big and pleasant as the living space inside. Here there is a dining table and cushions to relax on. On the other side of the kitchen is a small work area with a nice view.

On the south side of the house is a sitting area consisting of large and comfortable sofas overlooking the forest. There are two bedrooms on the upper floor, which cannot be completely closed off but are divided by sliding doors. One of the rooms is the master bedroom, which faces the forest and has its own bathtub. The other room is smaller and has a double bed.

  • Black Sea Cabin for 2-4 people / 55 m²
    250 / night
    • 1 Double bedroom
    • 1 Single bedroom
    • 1 Bathroom (ensuite)
    • 1 Shower room
    • 1 Living room
    • 1 Kitchen
    • 1 Sofabed (on req.)
    • Terrace
    • Balcony
Included in the rates
Rates include bedsheets and towels, WiFi, wood for the fireplace and a fruit basket on arrival.
Children & Extra beds
The cabin is ideal for children from 13 years and older. There is a second bedroom with a mattress which is perfect for up to 2 children.
Minimum stay
3 nights
Check in time
after 12:00
Check out time
before 14:00
Closed November to May

Facilities & services

  • WiFi
  • Terrace
  • Fireplace
  • Garden
  • Washing machine
  • Not suitable for young children
  • Hair dryer

The house has all the equipment you need to be self-sufficient, such as cooking, laundry and cleaning facilities. Upon request, we can organise someone to do these things for you, as well as shop for groceries.

Things to do in Black Sea & Rize

  • Art / Culture
  • Wildlife / Animals
  • Hiking

The main activities in this region are mountain and nature walks, although it is also possible to go rafting along the Fırtına River.

While the house is located in a mountainous region, it is also surprisingly close to the sea. In fact, the Black Sea coast is just a 25 minutes’ drive from the house. Although the beach culture along the coast is not very intense, there are several public stretches of sand to choose from.

Also, the house’s proximity to the Georgian border presents a great opportunity. You can be in Batumi in two hours and experience the culture of a completely different country.

Here are the highlights:

  • Walking uphill from the house along the dirt road that leads through an ancient forest.
  • Drinking coffee and watching the surroundings at the only coffee shop in the village square of Çinçiva, which is about 15 minutes away on foot.
  • Going to the highlands and experiencing the local food.

The location of Black Sea Cabin

The house is located in a mountain village in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. It’s not far from the city of Rize in the district of Çamlıhemşin. This region, which was established around the Kaçkar Mountains, is known as the Fırtına Valley after the river that passes through.

Covered with natural forest, the mountains surrender themselves to alpine meadows as they rise towards ancient plateaus. Once a place for locals to migrate in summer with their livestock, the highlands are now visited by both locals and tourists for summer vacations.

Although it is in a very reduced state, there are still traces of the traditional lifestyle (which is quite special and fascinating), with authentic wooden villages dotting the plateau. The beauty of the wilderness and the magnificent flow of the Fırtına River are also priceless.

The town centre is 10 minutes away by car and there are various local shops and a few restaurants located here. If you want to hike through the valley or book a private tour, we can suggest some options.

When is the best time to visit Black Sea?

Although every season is beautiful, it would be very accurate to catch the enthusiasm of the awakening of nature in the spring, then the easy access to the highlands during the summer and the riot of colors in autumn.