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Casa Sisal is managed by Howard, the owner.
$375 - $450/night
Suitable for 4-6 people

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Casa Sisal - Casa Sisal, in Yucatán, Mexico
— Howard: “What is so captivating about Yucatán is the availability of this kind of architecture and all it has to offer — the jungle, Mayan ruins, beaches, and plenty of amazing places to explore.”
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— How would you describe Casa Sisal in a nutshell?

Howard: “Casa Sisal is a modern vacation villa rental that serves as a great gathering place offering a sensory experience in Mexico’s Yucatán region. The vacation homes’s setting is very private with lots of nature surrounding it.”
Casa Sisal - Casa Sisal, in Yucatán, Mexico
— Casa Sisal

— Please tell us more about Casa Sisal and the neighbouring Hacienda Sac Chich.

Howard: “Casa Sisal is the modern house adjacent to the old Hacienda Sac Chich, which is a luxury vacation home as well. In 2012 it won a design contest in the residential category for Mexico and first place internationally.

There is a kitchen, a dining room and sunken living room. Its glass doors slide back into the wall so lots of air can come through. The master bedroom has a king-sized bed and an en-suite bathroom with a shower, while the guest room has two queens and a bathroom.

There is also a swimming pool in the backyard of Casa Sisal and the yard surrounding Casa Sisal, almost two acres in size, used to be where plant fibers were dried, formerly referred to as green gold. The lawn is really beautiful when full of fireflies at dusk.

Casa Sisal and Hacienda Sac Chich are also available to rent together, they can sleep up to 19 people.”
Open lounge area - Casa Sisal, in Yucatán, Mexico
— Open lounge area

— What was the inspiration to build Casa Sisal?

Howard: “Casa Sisal was added onto our first part of the property which is Hacienda Sac Chich basically for one reason, the arch. Walking from the Hacienda property to Casa Sisal you walk through this really beautiful arch. For a long time we’d sit here, looking at the arch, thinking of how much we’d love to own it someday. Therefore, once the opportunity arose to acquire that other property, we bought it right away.

Our idea of Casa Sisal was essentially a traditional Mayan hut, but modernized. The architect who we brought on board for Casa Sisal works with traditional haciendas and is known for the modernization of many of the hotels and residences in the area. Since we love modern architecture, over time the idea for Casa Sisal sort of developed from a Mayan hut to what you can see today.”
 - Casa Sisal, in Yucatán, Mexico

— Where is your interest for architecture coming from?

Howard: “Cindy has an art degree and for some years also was a homemaker in California. I have a degree in engineering and have worked in the construction industry all my career. But both of us have always had a keen interest in architecture and most of our vacation trips were architecturally oriented. It helps surrounding ourself with many of our friends who are creative people like designers and architects.

We’ve also had some non-traditional abodes, like living on a boat for a couple of years in Boston Harbor and living in a yuppie teepee in California where we’d spend our weekends.”
Casa Sisal at dusk - Casa Sisal, in Yucatán, Mexico
— Casa Sisal at dusk

— What services do you offer your vacation guests?

Howard: “For food there are different options available to our guests. They can either bring their own food with them or if they give us notice in advance, then we can prepare something for them. Our employees occasionally cook for the guests but since they don’t have a car to go to the large supermarkets. But they can go to the local market and prepare simple and very delicious meals. Another option is to bring in an outside chef for more extravagant food.

As a high-end, luxury vacation villa rental, our employees are around to assist if needed. They will prepare coffee and juice in the mornings, provide daily housecleaning, and can also arrange massages and suggest a lot of activities to do in the area. They are always here to help!

The area is still young to tourists, so some services are a bit more difficult to organise. But that’s also nice because it’s still very authentic, you’ll see people in their traditional garb, which is the beauty of the Yucatán.”
Master bedroom - Casa Sisal, in Yucatán, Mexico
— Master bedroom
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