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P’tit Habibi is managed by Knut, Architect.
111 - 241/night
Suitable for 2-10 people

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Riad interior - P’tit Habibi, in Marrakech, Morocco
— Knut: “You’re not in the middle of the city in tourist land, but a little outside, which is a great asset, as there is more traditional history. You actually feel like you are in Marrakech.”
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— How would you describe P’tit Habibi in a nutshell?

Knut: “I think it’s a bit like coming home. You get a relaxed feeling, but there’s quite a high level of service. There’s an aura of the Marrakech ‘60s — it’s a little bit eclectic, a little bit rock’n’roll. It’s not the sort of star hotel, but has a little bit of attitude to it. There’s more of a young feel to the riad, not a stuffiness.”
P'tit Habibi white room - P’tit Habibi, in Marrakech, Morocco
— P'tit Habibi white room

— Please tell us a bit about the architecture of P’tit Habibi.

Knut: “P’tit Habibi is as much an interior job as an architectural job. In Marrakech much of the decoration is engraved in the walls, so you have to work with that. You can’t do that stuff in Europe anymore; workmanship is too expensive. But the traditional work is still available in Marrakech. So the architecture doesn’t stop with the layout of the rooms, the decoration is part of it.

The lighting, furniture and mirrors were collected throughout the years. Some were from my personal collection, others were bought specifically for the place.”
P'tit Habibi rooftop pool - P’tit Habibi, in Marrakech, Morocco
— P'tit Habibi rooftop pool

— Had you always planned to run P’tit Habibi as a small hotel?

Knut: “No. While I was working on a huge project for a Scandinavian client, I had been looking at a couple of hundred riads over a period of two years for work. That’s when I started looking at one for myself, and I bought it sort of on impulse.

It was meant more as a holiday home for me and the family, but we ended up always needing to have people taking care of it while away, so it made sense to rent it out.

I bought the neighboring building after that and extended the riad, adding on a bigger room and inside space. There hadn’t been enough inside space before. There’s a kitchen, a separate office for the manager and a bedroom for the housekeeper. And we have a laundry and staff bathroom now.”
 - P’tit Habibi, in Marrakech, Morocco

— Please tell me a little more about the different rooms and the facilities at the hotel.

Knut: “There are five rooms and they are all more or less different. There’s a smaller room on the ground floor that’s very decorated with a large bathroom. Two bedrooms face the street and they’re near the splash pool. Then there is the White Room that has a nice balcony open to the courtyard. It’s the most traditional room, long and narrow. And the newest room is a very spacious room with a five-and-a-half meter ceiling, a private roof terrace, and a separate bathroom. There are quirky things to all the rooms that make them all special.”
Access to courtyard - P’tit Habibi, in Marrakech, Morocco
— Access to courtyard

— Do you also serve dinner at P’tit Habibi?

Knut: “I have a very good Moroccan chef. She makes great traditional Moroccan food. It’s very good food, and there’s always too much.

And you can eat on your balcony or the courtyard or wherever. The house changes character a lot between day and night, and we try to celebrate that. When there’s a group having dinner, the whole house gets dressed up like it’s a party.

And on request, we also show classic films in the courtyard after dinner.”
Riad interior - P’tit Habibi, in Marrakech, Morocco
— Riad interior

— How would you describe the atmosphere of the riad?

Knut: “I like the people who work there and I think I treat them quite well. They are happy there. They treat it like it’s their own house and they take great pride in it. It’s not really a philosophy, but it’s kind of like a West meets Marrakech.

It’s got a very homey feel to it, which makes it very comfortable. I want people to be happy when they stay there.”
 - P’tit Habibi, in Marrakech, Morocco
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