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Valletta Vintage is managed by Chris, the owner.
65 - 165/night
Suitable for up to 2 people

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Valletta Vintage Gallery - Valletta Vintage, in Malta, Malta
— Chris: “The apartments feel somewhat alive, mostly as I like to move things around. On your return you will notice that there are entire sets of new chairs, for example, as this is my biggest soft spot.”
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— How would you describe the Valletta Vintage apartments in a nutshell?

Chris: “Valletta Vintage are vacation rentals for the design-conscious traveler without the super high price tag.

Usually well-designed vacation homes with good service are very expensive to stay at. I wanted to provide that same luxurious accommodation within a beautifully designed environment, but in the form of apartments, at a lower price.”
Valletta Vintage Gallery - Valletta Vintage, in Malta, Malta
— Valletta Vintage Gallery

— Please tell us about the history of the Valletta Vintage building.

Chris: “I bought the building to serve as the office for my architectural studio and then chose to rent out the penthouse, which I did not need for myself. I then decided to convert the entire office into three separate rooms. The apartment and rooms share terraces, the kitchen and lounge area.

The idea is to have each floor telling a different story. The Gallery on the top floor displays different art from local artists that changes every few months. The middle floor, currently my workstation, is The Studio with artwork reminiscent of architectural functionality. Finally The Library on the first floor is a comfortable place to kick back and take advantage of design books on the huge bookshelf.

The other apartment is in a 360-year-old house in one of the most attractive residential streets of the city. It is bigger in size and more suited for longer stays as it completely independent with a kitchen and a living room.”
 - Valletta Vintage, in Malta, Malta

— How would you describe the interior design of the vacation apartments?

Chris: “The interior design of the apartments is a mix between contemporary and vintage. For example, the flooring is made of 150-year-old tiles but set into a contemporary pattern.

In terms of the atmosphere, I would say the apartments are somewhat alive, as I like to move things around a lot. If you have stayed with us before on vacation, on your return you will find that things have changed and improved. You will notice that there are entire sets of new chairs, for example, as this is my biggest soft spot. Usually every time I go to a flea market I find a new chair, which I then add to the collection in the apartments or exchange it with another one.

Also, one of the most beautiful things about the apartments is that they are facing south and therefore always have lots of sunlight coming in.”
 - Valletta Vintage, in Malta, Malta

— Please tell us about the rooms at Valletta Vintage.

Chris: “The Penthouse has incredible views of the harbor from each window and the terrace. It is furnished with contemporary furniture as well as original art. Our guests can find books, movies, and a selection of music they can enjoy during their stay. There is a walk-in closet through which they can enter into the bathroom.

Each vacation rental has a small kitchenette with a coffee maker, a kettle for tea, and a mini fridge. The main kitchen for now is shared with a group of young architects, but only on weekdays.

The Retro Pad offers a mix of vintage furniture, artwork and traditional finishing. Bathroom and kitchen combine recycled work equipment with modern technology. And then there is the gallarija, the traditional Maltese balcony, which is the perfect spot for our guests to enjoy their breakfast.”
Valletta Vintage Retro Pad - Valletta Vintage, in Malta, Malta
— Valletta Vintage Retro Pad

— What type of services do you offer for the apartments?

Chris: “At the moment the apartments are self-catering vacation rentals. We are however considering serving breakfast or possibly working together with a nearby café to act as our guests’ breakfast location.”
Retro Pad kitchen - Valletta Vintage, in Malta, Malta
— Retro Pad kitchen
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