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Corte della Maestà is managed by Paolo, Psychiatrist.
290 - 350/night
Suitable for 2-10 people

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Civita di Bagnoregio - Corte della Maestà, in Lazio, Italy
— Paolo: “It’s interesting to hear that everybody who has visited Corte della Maestà, even if only for one night, always states that they will be back. That’s been the greatest, warmest reward for me.”
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— Please tell us a bit about Corte della Maestà.

Paolo: “The archbishop of the area used to live here up to 1684, which was the year of a tremendous earthquake. That was the end of the Civita as a place of strategic power of the church of St. Peters. From then on and for the next two centuries, it was a place dedicated to becoming a priest.

Corte della Maestà is a part of my house. It has got its own garden and everything is totally divided, but originally it was the same building. When guests are in the hotel, they are part of my home, and my life.”
Civita di Bagnoregio - Corte della Maestà, in Lazio, Italy
— Civita di Bagnoregio

— What was your inspiration to open a small boutique hotel?

Paolo: “What I was looking for was a beautiful place to write in silence. I write in the chapel of the archbishop’s old place which was built in exactly 1500.

A very close friend of mine, Giuseppe Tornatore, is a film director. He won the Oscar for Cinema Paradiso. He asked us if we had finished restoring the place because he wanted to have a meeting there for his new movie. So we opened Corte della Maestà to friends first and moved on from there until it became a small luxury hotel.”
Corte della Maestà Intruder - Corte della Maestà, in Lazio, Italy
— Corte della Maestà Intruder

— What kind of services do you offer at the relais?

Paolo: “We offer an amazing breakfast and can offer more meals upon request. We are there anytime of the day to help provide services for our hotel guests, for recommendations or whatever.

We don’t like too much modernity at the relais, so there is no TV or air conditioning, but there are fantastic fans over the beds. And we do provide wireless internet and have a great home theatre in the common library room where you can select movies from a big collection.”
 - Corte della Maestà, in Lazio, Italy

— How would you describe the atmosphere of Corte della Maestà?

Paolo: “We’re in a natural place surrounded by art and glamour. The idea is to take a little trip to a hidden Italy in terms of its culture, past and history, and our real roots, which are beauty, music, good food & wine, as well as the pleasure to share a table together.”
The Abbess - Corte della Maestà, in Lazio, Italy
— The Abbess

— Please tell us a bit more about the hotel rooms and facilities.

Paolo: “We have four suites at the hotel. Each one is named after a woman and is very different from the others, not only in its layout, but also regarding the furniture and art. Two rooms are on the top level, and the two other rooms are on the first floor.

We have a large kitchen with a cook available if needed, but guests can do their own cooking or even take an informal cooking class as long as we have at least a day’s notice. Another common room is the library with a 1924 piano from Berlin.

We have a private garden that belongs to Corte della Maestà where you can stay and have a meal. Guests often use their personal computers there for writing. A spot we just renovated is the archbishop winery, which is a cave. We use it on special occasions for wine or cheese tastings.

We also have a little spa at the hotel which is open to everybody. It includes a Finnish sauna and a very large massage pool for two people.”
The Writer - Corte della Maestà, in Lazio, Italy
— The Writer
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