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Villa Pedra is managed by Manuel, the owner.
115 - 265/night
Suitable for 2-5 people

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Villa Pedra pool area - Villa Pedra, in Centro, Portugal
— Manuel: “The atmosphere in the village and in the individual houses is very relaxing. Each house has a private garden, some even with organic vegetables, herbs and fruits.”
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— How would you describe Villa Pedra in a few words?

Manuel: “Villa Pedra is one of Portugal’s big secrets. It was once a private village that for the past 80 years had been left without any inhabitants and was all in ruins. It has since then been restored to a quiet holiday paradise with 12 holiday homes and a hotel-type service, and is located in the mountains in the middle of nowhere but with a beautiful view. We are right in nature and there is absolutely no traffic. The houses’ architecture is around 400 years old but has modern comforts.”
Villa Pedra pool area - Villa Pedra, in Centro, Portugal
— Villa Pedra pool area

— What was your inspiration to renovate the village and open a small hotel?

Manuel: “I have traveled a lot and visited many places but no matter where I was, there was always something missing. My intention was to open a small hotel that would offer my home’s comforts. We thought of being in a place that is like a home away from home, quiet and peaceful. I had searched in the south of France, Bali, Bora Bora, just everywhere, and there was always something wrong with the place, either location or architecture. So, when we came across this place, we knew it was exactly what we had been looking for.”
Alecrim House dining area - Villa Pedra, in Centro, Portugal
— Alecrim House dining area

— Please tell us about the interior design of Villa Pedra.

Manuel: “My partner is an architect, so we considered a mix of furniture, but nothing new except for the kitchens, the beds and the best and most comfortable Portuguese linen. The tapestries are from Persia, Afghanistan or Morocco and the furniture in the houses is either all from different time periods, such as the 17th to 20th centuries as well as Swedish or Danish pieces from the 1970s.

The atmosphere in the village and in the individual houses is very relaxing. Each house has a private garden, some even with organic vegetables, herbs and fruits. Even when we are fully booked, you will still feel like you have the village all to yourself. The vegetation and reconstructed walls provide great privacy for each house.”
Casa de Cerejeira - Villa Pedra, in Centro, Portugal
— Casa de Cerejeira

— What’s the layout of the village? How far away are the houses from each other and is there a main house?

Manuel: “There are twelve houses in total but even though they are all close together you won’t really notice your neighbors because of the gardens in between. The only two houses that are a bit further away from each other are former schools, which were only recently converted into holiday homes.

The houses are not huge, some have two rooms and others only one. We get lots of groups of families who come for four days with or without children. If you want you can open the doors between the gardens to create one big, shared space.”
Villa Pedra – Casa Nespereira - Villa Pedra, in Centro, Portugal
— Villa Pedra – Casa Nespereira

— Please tell us about the facilities at Villa Pedra.

Manuel: “The houses all have fully-stocked kitchens with everything from microwaves to washing machines. Like a normal country kitchen, some are big enough to accommodate up to ten people.

The gardens and terraces are all different sizes. They are designed in a way that you can feel totally alone. There is a swimming pool in the middle of the village. As its separate from the houses you won’t be disturbed by any noise from there.

My favorite houses are the schools with all the old maps. The lemon tree house is also very beautiful with a stone garden. Many of our returning guests always stay in a different house. They don’t know which one is better because the decoration is similar but different in each house.”
Jasmim House - Villa Pedra, in Centro, Portugal
— Jasmim House

— What services do you offer as part of the holiday rental?

Manuel: “We offer different kinds of massages as well as bicycle rentals. Even though we don’t serve breakfast, we do provide different kinds of fresh bread and eggs for our guests to use for their breakfast. People love it because it’s very rustic and fresh, and you can make breakfast at whatever time you want. The houses have all of the facilities to make anything from omelettes to freshly squeezed orange juice.

Our restaurant is open in the evenings and is the 11th hotel restaurant in Portugal to be considered organic; we offer delicious, healthy Portuguese cooking with only locally-sourced products. We use our own wine, olive oil, vegetables and aromatic herbs. The fish comes fresh from the sea and the meat is from our neighbors. It’s a very healthy kitchen, which our holiday guests can enjoy inside or outside the restaurant.”
 - Villa Pedra, in Centro, Portugal
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