Flattered Tomar is managed by Miguel, Animal sciences consultant.
58 - 238/night
Suitable for 2-6 people

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Flattered Tomar lounge - Flattered Tomar, in Centro, Portugal
— Miguel: “Being quite rural, this area of Portugal still retains the romantic feeling of a long bygone area. In a way, it’s a portrait of a lifestyle that no longer exists.”
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— Please tell us a bit about the building and the interior design of Flattered Tomar.

Miguel: “The building is from the late 1940’s and sits on the grounds of an old farm. It was built by my great grandfather who was a bit of a character/maverick. Very unusual for the time he managed to buy the place in a public auction. Unfortunately I never had the chance to meet him since he died in his early forties.

The building used to stand at the city fringe but nowadays it’s right in the city centre of Tomar within its historical neighbourhood. During the renovation we aimed to maintain all the original materials whenever possible while updating the necessary infrastructure. It was definitely a challenge to keep some of the tiles and the wooden flooring. They were in such a miserable state. But it paid off. We are so happy with the final result. It’s also, in a certain way, a tribute to our heritage.”
Flattered Tomar lounge - Flattered Tomar, in Centro, Portugal
— Flattered Tomar lounge

— How would you describe the atmosphere of the holiday apartments?

Miguel: “That’s a tough question. It’s definitely relaxed but at the same time a bit sophisticated. At least in the sense of being elegant and somewhat refined. We aim to reach and please a certain kind of guest. The one that appreciates what we did concerning the renovation of the apartments but also the contemporary feeling, the vintage pieces, the art and everything else that’s involved.”
Lounge - Flattered Tomar, in Centro, Portugal
— Lounge

— Please tell us a bit more about the apartment rentals.

Miguel: “We have 3 holiday apartments with 2 rooms, and 3 holiday apartments with 1 room each. Three of them face the street with views over the Convent of Christ and the others face the garden on the back of the building. In terms of equipment they are pretty much the same.

There is always a little detail that I cherish the most in each apartment. The aubergine walls, the little terraces facing the garden with their beautiful vintage lamps designed by Conceição Silva, the Steen Ostergaard’s chairs, the lime stones, the Portuguese traditional hydraulic tilings, the old enamel lamps that came from an old factory in Northern Portugal, the old Tomado bookshelves that we’ve managed to buy over the years and so forth. I think I could go on like this forever.”
Flattered Tomar terrace - Flattered Tomar, in Centro, Portugal
— Flattered Tomar terrace

— Please tell us a bit about the services available to your holiday guests.

Miguel: “We offer our guests a breakfast service, daily cleaning, transfer service from and to Lisbon and Porto airport and our usual concierge service.”
Bedroom - Flattered Tomar, in Centro, Portugal
— Bedroom

— What is so special about staying at Flattered Tomar?

Miguel: “The special feeling of staying in an old building with a modern take one step away from all the relevant places in Tomar. With the bonus of experiencing life in a small countryside town including having a true farmer’s market every Friday morning at our doorstep.”
 - Flattered Tomar, in Centro, Portugal
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