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The Lisboans is managed by Isaac, Owner.
120 - 380/night
Suitable for 2-6 people

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Deluxe 2 Bedroom - The Lisboans, in Lisbon, Portugal
— Isaac: “For us, it is the combination of everything, which makes The Lisboans so special. From the décor and architecture, to the location. And we are also very approachable, as we are a family business.”
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— How would you describe The Lisboans in a nutshell?

Isaac: “The Lisboans is a hotel with 15 luxury apartments that come with five-star amenities, all stylish, distinctive and very unique. We had everything tailor-made for the hotel, from tables and chairs to bed covers. Even the hotel’s colours and designs were carefully chosen together with Portuguese artisans. Our goal was for our guests to experience the culture of Portugal and also show the beautiful things Lisbon has to offer.”
 - The Lisboans, in Lisbon, Portugal

— Please tell us about the hotel and the apartments.

Isaac: “The Lisboans is in a building that was originally an abandoned canned food factory from the 1980s. Upon renovation it was turned into an apartment building with 15 individual homes, which span across five floors. There are ten one-bedroom and five two-bedroom apartments, ranging in size from 55 to 75 square meters. All the rooms look onto the street, but each apartment has its own unique character and décor. It is rather difficult to say which apartment is the best, as all of them are frequented and we typically remain at a 95% occupancy level.

However, on the fifth floor we have a luxury penthouse, which has the best view out of all of the apartments, as it is overlooking the river, castle, and cathedral. Future plans for the Lisboans include a grocery store as well as a farm-to-table restaurant on the ground floor. This is what we will be working on next.”
 - The Lisboans, in Lisbon, Portugal

— How would you describe the atmosphere at The Lisboans?

Isaac: “The Lisboans is located in a UNESCO World Heritage area. Even though I consider it to be a contemporary building, during the renovation of the building we were required to have archaeologists present as some Roman artefacts and a Roman wall were discovered. The entire process took longer than we had anticipated, but it was very interesting to see what was beneath the surface. Our architect, Marta, tried to keep the original frame of the house so that the building now embraces a mix of the old and new, creating a very interesting atmosphere. After four years, we finally opened The Lisboans to the public in December of 2016.”
 - The Lisboans, in Lisbon, Portugal

— Please tell us about the facilities and services offered at The Lisboans.

Isaac: “Our luxury apartment rentals are all self-catering, as each apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen. As a hotel, we do offer cleaning services and in the future we hope to also provide babysitting services as well as massages. The Lisboans is very child-friendly, and we can already provide baby bathtubs, high chairs, and some children’s games. Best of all, we have a superb breakfast service where you will find fresh breads and orange juice in a bag on your door every morning.

There are bicycles available upon request. We have a partnership with a local tourist company that can give recommendations and organize tours for our guests, should they desire this service. All recommendations are of course centred around guest preferences. However, we do prefer to give our guests suggestions that are more off the beaten path.”
 - The Lisboans, in Lisbon, Portugal

— According to your guests, what is special about The Lisboans?

Isaac: “Many of our returning guests tell us that The Lisboans feels like their home while visiting the city, which is always a pleasure to hear. For us, it is the combination of everything, which makes The Lisboans so special. From the décor and architecture, to the location. The Lisboans is also very approachable, as we are a family business. Me and the triplets, all with different backgrounds, from art director and architect, to lawyer. Our first adventure was my old apartment in Lisbon, which we pioneered on Airbnb. That experience inspired the project to reconstruct a building with our individual characteristics and rent it out. You can feel this love for the creation of unique apartments in every corner of The Lisboans.”
 - The Lisboans, in Lisbon, Portugal

— How would you describe the interior design?

Isaac: “All of our apartments have high ceilings and large windows, handmade tiles, and a mixture of vintage and contemporary pieces. The chairs and tables were handcrafted in northern Portugal. All the other furniture was found over time at local art fairs, flea markets and antique stores. The design of the Lisboans is light and airy, with plants all over the building. Additionally, there is a library for guests to enjoy. Basically, we really strived to bring in a lot of personal character to the hotel and apartments. That is what makes this hotel into such a unique experience.”
 - The Lisboans, in Lisbon, Portugal
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