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Château Marteret is managed by Sabrina, the manager.
500 - 650/night
Suitable for 1-12 people

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Château Marteret - Château Marteret, in Gascony, France
— Sabrina: “The feedback we’ve been receiving emphasizes the peaceful atmosphere and the exceptional chance to experience nature in a way that most people have never had a chance before.”
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— How would you describe Château Marteret in a few words?

Sabrina: “Château Marteret is a fairytale castle framed by four centuries-old cedars and set into the middle of 180 hectares of land. Built in 1846 as a hunting lodge, the château has since then been turned into a luxurious seven room vacation home in Gascony, France.”
Château Marteret - Château Marteret, in Gascony, France
— Château Marteret

— What can you tell us about the interior design of the castle?

Sabrina: “The interior design of Château Marteret is all about the small but intricate detailing that can be found all around the house. With works by internationally renowned architects and designers, the house beautifully merges old structures with modern design.

Eriko Horiki, a Japanese artist who works with Washi paper, designed the incredible light structure right in the entrance hall as well as two others in the chateau. We have replications of Gaudi armchairs and Claudy Jongstra, a Dutch artist, created the hand-felted curtains, partially from wool and silk. Each of these curtains is unique and was color coordinated just for this château.

Our furniture is made from solid oak, which was oiled not treated in order to keep in line with our biological concept that we base everything on. Clay plastering was used for the bathrooms, crystals were artistically inset into the plaster and the floors were laid with Moroccan tiles.”
Conference and event room - Château Marteret, in Gascony, France
— Conference and event room

— What kind of services do you offer as part of the rental?

Sabrina: “We keep everything rather simple at Château Marteret so that according to our guests’ needs pretty much everything is possible. We are always available to give recommendations on what to do and what to see in the area.

The château is self-catering but we can bring in a chef who can cook for or with our guests and catering is also possible. The same goes for the cleaning of the guestrooms, it all depends whether our guests would like their rooms to be cleaned daily, every other day or every week.”
 - Château Marteret, in Gascony, France

— What kind of guest would find this to be the ideal vacation spot?

Sabrina: “This is a very secluded and peaceful vacation home. There are no neighbors close by; instead woods and fields surround the château. Consequently, Château Marteret is ideal for guests who are looking for a relaxing vacation, not someone who is looking to stay busy.

We often host families with small children, as well as several groups of people together. It is possible to stay here for seminars with a small number of participants. We can also host weddings or offer the ideal hideaway for a romantic trip or honeymoon.”
Château Marteret bedroom - Château Marteret, in Gascony, France
— Château Marteret bedroom

— Please tell us more about the interior of the château and the rooms.

Sabrina: “The house itself is about 500 square meters in size and all of the furniture and bedding is in accordance with Château Marteret’s ecological concept. There are a total of seven rooms of which five are doubles and two rooms have two twin beds each. Most of the rooms are located on the upper floor; only one of them is on the ground floor. The guestrooms are all very spacious and together share a total of five bathrooms.

Château Marteret has a big kitchen for our guests to use, as well as a living room, a dining room and a big room, which can be used for seminars for up to 15 people. There is also a chapel room in the castle, which is ideal for simple gatherings or taking time away to meditate.

In the gardens there is also the pigeon tower with two levels, which was developed so that now there is room for two people to sleep in.”
Bathroom - Château Marteret, in Gascony, France
— Bathroom

— What is so special about the property, which the château is sitting on?

Sabrina: “Due to the sheer size of the property, which the château is located on, it feels almost like a remote paradise. There is a private lake that our guests can swim in, which is fed by a spring and isn’t very deep. We also have a small boat, which can be used on the lake.

The feedback we’ve been receiving from guests emphasizes the peaceful atmosphere and the exceptional chance to experience nature in a way that most people have never had a chance before.”
 - Château Marteret, in Gascony, France
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