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Consolación is managed by Ignacio, the owner.
140 - 290/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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Consolación - Consolación, in Aragon, Spain
— Ignacio: “We are located in a region called Teruel. It is one of the most undiscovered areas in Spain, but only 2.5 hours away from Barcelona.”
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— How would you describe Consolación in a few words?

Ignacio: “Consolación is a luxurious, small design hotel that is hidden away in a mostly undiscovered region of Spain, the Matarraña in Teruel which is part of Aragon in northeastern Spain. Its unique spaces, surrounded by amazing nature are something you will want to experience. The hotel has twelve rooms, ten of which are modern wooden Kubes that are set right onto the edge of the bluff. The other two are part of the old hermitage.”
Consolación - Consolación, in Aragon, Spain
— Consolación

— What was your inspiration to open a small hotel?

Ignacio: “Our inspiration comes from our own travel experiences and from one of the architects, Craig Ellwood. He prefers simplicity and we therefore used simple materials like concrete, wood, and glass to create a very geometric design. Tanizaki was another influence as well as the simplicity of Japanese architecture.”
Swimming pool at Consolación - Consolación, in Aragon, Spain
— Swimming pool at Consolación

— What is the atmosphere like at Consolación?

Ignacio: “The landscape that Consolación is set into is amazing in the sense that it’s all natural and authentic. We wanted to use architecture that creates an experience as if you are living outdoors. Staying at Consolación, and especially in the Kubes, is like being in a very sophisticated tent in the middle of nature.”
 - Consolación, in Aragon, Spain

— Please tell us about the history and the renovation.

Ignacio: “The land is owned by the town, and the church, which is from the 16th century, belongs to the Bishop of Santa Rosa.

The church has a house attached to it that holds Consolación’s common rooms such as the restaurant, library, kitchen, and dining room. We wanted to make sure that the church as well as the house would be well-integrated into the overall project which took us about five years to complete.”
Kube room - Consolación, in Aragon, Spain
— Kube room

— Please tell us more about the rooms at the hotel.

Ignacio: “There are two 50 square metre rooms in the main building. One is baroque, and more like an old chateau, and the other is Nordic in design with furniture brought in from Berlin and lamps by Alvar Aalto.

Then we have the 10 individual Kubes that all have fireplaces and big windows overlooking the landscape. In line with the Japanese influence, the bathtubs are built into the floors of the rooms, and the mattresses are down at floor level. The rooms have showers and mini-kitchens with a refrigerator and a kettle. The TVs are into the wardrobe so they are out of sight unless in use.

Two of the Kubes were built so that they could potentially be used as one big space which makes them great for families.”
Swimming pool - Consolación, in Aragon, Spain
— Swimming pool

— Please tell us a little about the restaurant and the services you offer.

Ignacio: “The restaurant is open year-round and available to everyone, not just for hotel guests. It’s based on the slow food concept with local foods like fruits and vegetables coming from our own garden. The area is very rich in black truffles, which we also serve in the restaurant. We offer a bit more sophistication in our dishes, but we still refer back to traditional recipes.

As far as other services go, we offer soup and juice to guests upon arrival and give them a small homemade cake on departure. We can also arrange excursions like kayaking trips or other local tours.”
 - Consolación, in Aragon, Spain
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