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Le Tre Stanze is managed by Patrick John, the owner.
110 - 140/night
Suitable for 1-4 people

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Le Tre Stanze Mansarda Suite - Le Tre Stanze, in Tuscany, Italy
— Patrick John: “Le Tre Stanze is right in the centre of Florence next to the Cathedral. Most everything is within a 10-minute walk.”
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— How would you describe Le Tre Stanze in a few words?

Patrick John: “Coming to Le Tre Stanze is like coming home. It’s a private palazzo turned into a guesthouse that I always wished I would find when going on vacation.

The guesthouse is on the top floor of a building located right next to the Duomo in Florence, Italy. The palazzo has a long history going back to the 16th century and has been maintained almost in its original state as we tried to leave it as close to the way it was in our restoration.”
Le Tre Stanze Mansarda Suite - Le Tre Stanze, in Tuscany, Italy
— Le Tre Stanze Mansarda Suite

— What was your inspiration to open Le Tre Stanze?

Patrick John: “It was my sister’s desire to open Le Tre Stanze as a bed & breakfast. She wanted to make this beautiful place available to everyone.

Our grandfather had bought the place in the 1950s and over the years every generation added a bit of restoration depending on how much money they had at the time. The nice part about this is that some original items remained, giving it a vintage feel.”
 - Le Tre Stanze, in Tuscany, Italy

— Please tell us a bit about the different rooms and facilities at the guesthouse.

Patrick John: “The building has no elevator, so you have to walk up stairs to get to the different guest rooms. My favorite room is definitely the Mansarda, which has a nice terrace with a view of Florence Cathedral.

The rooms are very big, about 45 square meters, all with en-suite bathrooms. We have kept as much of their original state as possible but added modern amenities from the ‘50s and ‘60s. Each room is different. The Junior Suite has separate rooms, providing more space.”
 - Le Tre Stanze, in Tuscany, Italy

— How would you describe the atmosphere of the guesthouse?

Patrick John: “It’s like a calm island in the business of the city. There’s a lot of tourism on the streets of Florence but once you walk through the doorway of Le Tre Stanze, suddenly all that hustle and bustle is gone. It gives you a sense of a private paradise in the middle of Florence. As you can move freely around the building, many of our guests feel like it’s their private house.”
Le Tre Stanze Junior Suite - Le Tre Stanze, in Tuscany, Italy
— Le Tre Stanze Junior Suite

— What other facilities and services do you offer?

Patrick John: “We actually don’t offer breakfast in the morning, as people usually prefer to go out to the bars. However, there’s a kitchen available for guests to use, but that’s rather rare. We have a communal area to relax in as well. The ground floor of the palazzo gives you access to the gardens and kitchen.”
Junior Suite - Le Tre Stanze, in Tuscany, Italy
— Junior Suite

— What is so special about staying at Le Tre Stanze?

Patrick John: “There is much to say about older houses that you can’t experience in newer buildings. This palazzo has a lot of history and each piece in the house has a story that makes it feel even more alive. It is also very important to me that we do not offer a functional hotel-like atmosphere but more of a private, at-home feel.

Most people look at the pictures and choose this place from the feeling they get. Some people come unprepared and are surprised that it’s not a hotel, but they end up loving it. They appreciate the difference and the warm feeling it offers.”
 - Le Tre Stanze, in Tuscany, Italy
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