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Follonico is managed by Fabio, the owner.
210 - 350/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Follonico - Follonico, in Tuscany, Italy
— Fabio: “You have all the elements of the Tuscan landscape — the vineyards, olive groves, cypresses, little rivers, hilltops — and it’s all right in front of our door.”
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— What makes Follonico different?

Fabio: “The location of the hotel/bed and breakfast within this Tuscan landscape is the first aspect due to it having been preserved by farmers since the 15th century. Second is probably the way we restored the interiors. Follonico is not really a place for tourists. It’s a home for us that we opened up to holiday guests, so the quality of the linens, the beds, the furnishings and decoration are all what we prefer for our own home. It’s a real place.”
Follonico - Follonico, in Tuscany, Italy
— Follonico

— Why did you leave your previous life to restore a property and rent it out as a small hotel?

Fabio: “We were tired of the city. We wanted to create something tailor-made just for us, which is why we bought a ruin rather than something that was already finished.

Before, we had wasted a lot of time commuting. We wanted more quality of life for ourselves, as well as for our kids.”
Blu Notte Suite - Follonico, in Tuscany, Italy
— Blu Notte Suite

— Please tell us a little about Follonico’s interior design and the rooms.

Fabio: “My wife did everything. She has a passion for recycling materials, creating something new out of something old. We get professional photographers who come here and want to know her design ideas, and they’re surprised to hear that interior design wasn’t her background.

We have six rooms that make up our very small hotel. They are all very different. Between May and September, the White Essential is my favorite because there is a terrace off the bedroom. From October to April, when you want a little bit more space inside, I prefer Blue Notte. But all have their own charm. It’s like a fairy tale atmosphere here at Follonico.”
The pool - Follonico, in Tuscany, Italy
— The pool

— What other facilities and services do you offer to your hotel guests at Follonico?

Fabio: “There’s a hot tub on the terrace that holiday guests can use. People can do wine or cheese tasting in the evening and we also offer cooking classes upon request. There are a lot of other things we do, like making pizza at night, but they come up spontaneously.

We also use a service that can deliver a Fiat 500 in the morning. It’s something fun for people who’ve never driven that car. It’s not so comfortable that you can drive for long distances, maybe 30 or 40 kilometers in a day, but the rooftop can be opened so it’s a great way to tour Tuscany.”
Rosso Tramonto Suite - Follonico, in Tuscany, Italy
— Rosso Tramonto Suite

— Why is the slow living philosophy important to you?

Fabio: “I feel I get back 25 days of my life every year with this slower lifestyle. That’s the difference between a crazy city life and a slower live in the country. I try to encourage my guests to do the same. Try to just slow down, stop your car, have a walk, breathe, smell, do all those things.

We also encourage our guests to travel to the smaller Tuscan villages nearby rather than the bigger cities. People in the area all believe in this way of living. This way, guests experience a real farming tradition and the food that comes from it.”
Breakfast area - Follonico, in Tuscany, Italy
— Breakfast area

— Is the food at the B&B all from local Tuscan producers?

Fabio: “From May through September, 90-95% of the breakfast comes from our garden, most greens, tomatoes, herbs and those kinds of things. The rest is meat, cheese, milk and yogurt that we purchase locally.

At Follonico, we prepare our own marmalade and jam, as well as bread. I wake up every morning at six o’clock to bake my pastries and breads.”
Outside Follonico - Follonico, in Tuscany, Italy
— Outside Follonico
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