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La Bandita Townhouse is managed by John, the owner.
250 - 695/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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La Bandita Superior room - La Bandita Townhouse, in Tuscany, Italy
— John: “This valley here is beautiful. The most quintessential Tuscan landscapes are here, and the wine areas of Montepulciano and Montalcino are close by.”
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— How would you describe La Bandita Townhouse in a few words?

John: “La Bandita Townhouse is a small and stylish boutique hotel set inside the historic center of Pienza, one of Tuscany’s most charming little villages. It gives you the opportunity to experience authentic Tuscan life.”
La Bandita Superior room - La Bandita Townhouse, in Tuscany, Italy
— La Bandita Superior room

— Please tell us about the history of the building.

John: “The building dates back to the founding of Pienza in the 15th century. Before it was a small boutique hotel, it was a place for nuns to live in, work and serve. For many generations they offered confirmation classes as well as regular schooling for the children so that the villagers all still have memories of the building.

In the end there were only two nuns left who were soon going to enter retirement. Their order was closing down the building, so they were looking to sell. Part of it had fallen into disrepair by that time. We were looking to give it a second life and turn it back into an active part of the community.”
La Bandita restaurant - La Bandita Townhouse, in Tuscany, Italy
— La Bandita restaurant

— How would you describe the atmosphere of the hotel?

John: “We tried to create a balance by preserving the beautiful old DNA of the building while bringing a really fresh, modern design to the furnishings of the hotel. We wanted to make the old very well maintained and the new comfortable and not jarring. It’s difficult to get the right balance, but I think we’ve succeeded.

The modern design is rather muted with only few bright colors, as well as a lack of ornamentation, keeping it simplistic and minimal. It is modern and stylish without seeming strange or whimsical in such an old building.”
La Bandita garden - La Bandita Townhouse, in Tuscany, Italy
— La Bandita garden

— Please tell us about the hotel rooms and facilities.

John: “Our small hotel has just 12 rooms in total. There are standard rooms, superior rooms, and suites. The only difference between the standard and superior rooms is the size. The suites are quite large. Two are family suites with a bedroom and a seating room that can be closed off. The other two are our largest rooms and on the top floor with great views of the dome of the Cathedral of Pienza and even out to the valley beyond.

We have a library, a bar and a restaurant open to the public. There’s a garden divided into two parts, one for outside dining for the restaurant and the other is only to be used by our guests. Even though we’re in the middle of town, the garden provides a nice private space for guests.

We also have a spa area with a sauna at La Bandita. It’s not officially a spa but more of a private suite with a Jacuzzi, steam room and a relaxation area for treatments that are offered on request. You have exclusive use of the room for however many hours you need it.”
Suite bathroom - La Bandita Townhouse, in Tuscany, Italy
— Suite bathroom

— What sort of food is served in the restaurant?

John: “We aim to do something different than the other restaurants in the area, which are very simple and traditional with limited menus. Our restaurant is an elegant and sophisticated place where we draw upon a wider range that focuses on Tuscan food but draws inspiration from all over Italy. Our focus is on fresh vegetables and seasonal food with a modern presentation. Everything is homemade and fresh, including the pasta.”
La Bandita restaurant - La Bandita Townhouse, in Tuscany, Italy
— La Bandita restaurant

— To you personally, what’s so special about staying at La Bandita?

John: “For three or four days or however long you stay, you will really feel part of a village. This is something our guests highlight again and again. They really value that they had a chance to experience authentic daily life in Tuscany.”
 - La Bandita Townhouse, in Tuscany, Italy
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