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Borgo Santo Pietro is managed by Patrizia, general manager.
410 - 2245/night
Suitable for 2-35 people

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Borgo Santo Pietro - Borgo Santo Pietro, in Tuscany, Italy
— Jeanette: “The nature is amazing. It’s very unspoiled. Time stands still. You can jump into the river and actually swim in it. Or walk for 40 minutes through a forest without meeting anyone.”
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— Please tell us a little about beautiful Borgo Santo Pietro.

Jeanette: “I bought Borgo Santo Pietro in 2001 and spent seven years restoring it to its former state when we opened it as a boutique hotel in 2008. We opened with six rooms and the gardens, more or less, as people have been able to see them so far, but every year we restore an area and change something, build something new.

We now have 17 rooms. The swimming pool has also been made longer so we now have a big infinity pool. We’ll develop more of the park and lake area with a new spa facility and a new Tuscan trattoria-style restaurant.”
Borgo Santo Pietro - Borgo Santo Pietro, in Tuscany, Italy
— Borgo Santo Pietro

— What is your hotel’s philosophy?

Jeanette: “Our philosophy at the hotel is very much that people have to see what’s going on. Our staff doesn’t work in the background. We put them and everything they do on display. You can walk in and see what the florist is doing. People like to see how it’s done. Guests can take a flower course if they want. You can speak to our gardener about how to garden organically.

It’s like a 5 star hotel and it’s also a farm. We do both.”
Santo Pietro Suite - Borgo Santo Pietro, in Tuscany, Italy
— Santo Pietro Suite

— What was your inspiration to buy a place in Tuscany and open a small boutique hotel?

Jeanette: “Claus and I are both Danish and we met in an Italian restaurant, and we sort of secretly, independent of each other, have always been a little in love with Italy. We bought a house up north many years ago, then decided we wanted to move out of London at some point in our lives. We thought it had to be Italy.

We didn’t know where we wanted to be, but in looking around, it ended up being Tuscany. We bought it as a house we wanted to live in at first. Coming from London, it’s very remote for full time life, especially when our son was around five years old. We thought he needed bigger possibilities than the sheep and goats around.

As much as we love the villa, we realized we couldn’t live there permanently. We have five gardeners to tend the 13 acres. Had it been our private home, we would never have been able to do that.”
 - Borgo Santo Pietro, in Tuscany, Italy

— How would you describe the style of the interior at the hotel, the atmosphere?

Jeanette: “Relaxed. It’s like a lot of layers of time put together in a luxurious way, but at the same time it’s very relaxed. We have a very informal tone with our guests. We serve people whatever they want wherever they want it. That means clients get the chance to feel at home, and that was imperative for me when we decided to do this.

For instance, I wanted to have waiters that knew how to do silver service but without standing with their hands behind their backs. I think people want to get under the skin of where they are, and the best way of doing that is to have a chat with the people who work there, who aren’t distanced from the guests. People want to hear about the local life.

And the staff tends to enjoy it because it adds so much more to their jobs. They have a chance to talk to the guests they serve. It is a place where social ranking is non-existent. We all enjoy the same things.”
Borgo Santo Pietro pool area - Borgo Santo Pietro, in Tuscany, Italy
— Borgo Santo Pietro pool area

— Please tell us a bit more about the hotel’s facilities.

Jeanette: “We have table tennis and regular tennis, and people use the court for badminton as well. We have cycling. You can basically cycle from our place down to the river, or cycle through the forest to San Galgano, which is one of Italy’s most famous abbeys. There’s lots of land and free walking areas.

We have a pool, which is heated and all natural, not treated with chemicals. And we have a spa, once housed in our old bakery oven which dates back to 1229, but has now been moved to a bigger facility within the gardens. We offer art classes with our on-site resident artist, archery lessons, flower arranging lessons, and wine tastings, which is where we pick five estates of the year that have made remarkable wines. And people can buy it and we'll ship it to them. And we’re going to introduce horses next year. We already have the horse guide set up for tours.”
Garden Suite bathroom - Borgo Santo Pietro, in Tuscany, Italy
— Garden Suite bathroom

— And you also offer cooking classes at Borgo Santo Pietro?

Jeanette: “They’re pretty spontaneous and individualised. If there are holiday guests who want to learn how to do something, they meet with the chef when it’s convenient for them.

We have some classes that stand out that people seem to like a lot, like all the different ways of using dough, for everything from pasta to bread. All of our pasta is handmade onsite.”
 - Borgo Santo Pietro, in Tuscany, Italy
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