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Art Loft is managed by Peter, the owner.
290 - 550/night
Suitable for 4-6 people

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Art Loft - Art Loft, in Tuscany, Italy
— Johny: “We saw an opportunity to create a completely different type of holiday rental, unusual for Tuscany, but integrated in a very pleasant and natural way.”
Interview By:

— What was your inspiration to leave Belgium and move to Tuscany?

Johny: “The decision to leave Belgium was made as we wanted to change our way of life. We got into the hospitality business and first thought about going to France, but ended up in Italy. Here, everything turned out according to our expectations. We have a far higher quality of life here than we had in Belgium.”
Art Loft - Art Loft, in Tuscany, Italy
— Art Loft

— How did the idea for Art Loft as a holiday rental start?

Johny: “It started a few years ago. We saw an opportunity to create a completely different type of holiday rental, unusual for Tuscany, but integrated in a very pleasant and natural way.

We tried to keep the original soul of the place, which used to be a factory to make clay discs for skeet shooting. The local community wanted to create a small industrial area for people not working in agriculture. The place then was turned into body shop for cars and when they saw that it did not work out either, it changed into a rural environment. So it’s the only place you can find in the region with what used to be a hangar in the middle of nature.”
Loft space - Art Loft, in Tuscany, Italy
— Loft space

— And before you bought it, the loft was an atelier?

Johny: “Yes, the last owner was an artist working with sculptures and he turned part of the hangar into a big loft apartment and the other part was his atelier. There are still sculptures by him on the ground surrounding the hangar.

When we bought the loft, we moved into the apartment there and created a second apartment that’s about 240 square meters for rent as a holiday home. There’s a about 200 square meters of open space between the apartments to create a buffer so holiday guests can feel entirely private.”
Sculpture garden and pool - Art Loft, in Tuscany, Italy
— Sculpture garden and pool

— Please tell us a bit about the rooms and facilities at the loft.

Johny: “The loft has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and there is the possibility of having one or two people stay in the container which we converted and is located right next to the loft – it’s the perfect place for children. So we can have 4 to 6 people stay at our loft rental.

There’s a complete kitchen and living room area, and a large fireplace in the middle of the room, which was made by a friend of ours. He is an Australian artist living nearby over here and he works mainly with wood. The wood is completely wrapped around an iron cylinder, it’s a great place to sit at night and drink a glass of wine.

We also have a swimming pool outside that holiday guests can use, as well as a small fishing pond, where guests can fish.”
Container terrace - Art Loft, in Tuscany, Italy
— Container terrace
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