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Villa on the Cliff is managed by Marco, the owner.
500 - 800/night
Suitable for 8-10 people

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Villa on the Cliff - Villa on the Cliff, in Sicily, Italy
— Marco: “Sitting right on the cliff, the view over the Tyrrhenian Sea is amazing with Cefalù and the cathedral on the right and nothing but the ocean front of you.”
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— How would you describe Villa on the Cliff in a nutshell?

Marco: “Villa on the Cliff is one of two luxurious vacation rentals on the same property in northern Sicily, Italy. This four-bedroom villa is located right on the cliffs with stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, which can be enjoyed from the large living room and terrace.”
Villa on the Cliff - Villa on the Cliff, in Sicily, Italy
— Villa on the Cliff

— Please describe the layout of the villa.

Marco: “Villa on the Cliff is a two-story building with four bedrooms on the top floor, each of them with access to big balcony/terrace. On the lower floor there is a kitchen, laundry room and an extra bathroom. The villa has a fireplace as well as a big sofa in the living room, which is a perfect place to rest and relax.

From the large living room guests have access to the terrace, which overlooks the cliff. Steps lead down directly to the sea to a small patio where guests can sit and watch the waves rolling in. It is a very unique and intimate atmosphere down there, which creates a special relationship between the individual person and the sea.

The beaches on the left and right of the property are big but are stone-beaches instead of sandy beaches. The water of the sea is crystal clear.”
Bedroom - Villa on the Cliff, in Sicily, Italy
— Bedroom

— Please tell us about the rooms.

Marco: “There are four double bedrooms in the villa, each of them with a personal bathroom and another shared bathroom on the ground floor.

One of the bedrooms is a bit bigger than the others and has both a bathtub and shower. Each room has a balcony, but my favorite is the room in the corner because it has the best view of the sea.

There is one word, which describes this villa perfectly: warm. The dimensions of the house and the love for details, which are visible all throughout the rooms, offer an authentic experience and make it feel like a family home.”
 - Villa on the Cliff, in Sicily, Italy

— Who should stay at Villa on the Cliff and who should rather book something else?

Marco: “This rental is ideal for a group of people, like friends traveling together or a bigger family with kids. With four bedrooms there is enough private space for everyone but also several meeting spots for parties or bigger get-togethers.”
Villa on the Cliff view - Villa on the Cliff, in Sicily, Italy
— Villa on the Cliff view

— Please tell us about the food.

Marco: “The villa is self-catering but as an additional service we can bring in a chef for Sicilian or Arabic food. Upon their arrival our guests will find their kitchen stocked with all basic necessities.

We can recommend the best restaurants in the area for those of our guests who want to venture out for meals. Most of the restaurants are in Cefalù, which is 5 minutes by car.”
Bedroom - Villa on the Cliff, in Sicily, Italy
— Bedroom

— Please tell us about other facilities and services offered.

Marco: “Our guests have a private beach access, we offer mid-week or even daily cleaning, and we have someone guarding the property throughout all the day. Therefore there is always someone available onsite to answer any questions that arise, like recommendations for restaurants or if something happens with the house. The guardian has a car and can offer transfers as well.

Plans for the near future include being able to provide some kind of romantic transfer, such as taking our guests by boat from the cliff side to the port in Cefalú and back. We are also considering offering electric bikes for people to get to Cefalú.”
Living space - Villa on the Cliff, in Sicily, Italy
— Living space
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