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Villa Santanyi is managed by Caroline, the owner.
570 - 1140/night
Suitable for 10-11 people

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Pool and view - Villa Santanyi, in Mallorca, Spain
— Caroline: “In August you can even sleep on the roof and look at the immense sky above you and watch the stars at night, which is just amazing.”
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— How would you describe Villa Santanyi in a few words?

Caroline: “Villa Santanyi is a modern architectural holiday home in Mallorca, Spain. It is the most serene place on Earth and staying there allows you to get centered and feel at one with yourself. It radiates complete calmness and serenity.”
Pool and view - Villa Santanyi, in Mallorca, Spain
— Pool and view

— What was the inspiration to build such a modern house and rent it out to guests?

Caroline: “During one of our holidays in Italy we met architect John Pawson on the beach and were invited to see his house. It was the first minimalistic place I’d ever seen and I just fell in love with it. That’s when we decided we wanted to build a house with John Pawson and Claudio Silvestrin. We then found this magical location and had the house built in the late 1980s.

Originally Villa Santanyi was just our family holiday home but once the children were grown up and had left I decided to rent it out to guests.”
Courtyard - Villa Santanyi, in Mallorca, Spain
— Courtyard

— What did you like about John Pawson’s architecture?

Caroline: “I still love the minimalist architecture of the house very much. My father was an abstract painter, so for me minimalism is like coming home. The house gives you enormous freedom of thought when you’re there and is almost like a living sculpture, constantly changing with the light during the day.

Although we are art dealers, we decided against introducing any art into the house, the architecture simply doesn’t need it. It’s why the interior design is so restricted as well, to help keep the focus on the building itself.”
 - Villa Santanyi, in Mallorca, Spain

— Please tell us more about the architecture, the rooms and facilities.

Caroline: “Villa Santanyi has four bedrooms with space for up to 11 guests. The house itself is more of a luxurious summer house, even though it does have heating; it is much nicer to experience the terraces and the pool when it is warm outside.

The four bedrooms are on the first floor. The master bedroom has its own bathroom and there are three more bedrooms with two more bathrooms. There is a living room with an open kitchen and a washer and dryer can be found in the basement.

And finally, there is also a tennis court on the property, our guests are welcome to use.”
Villa and pool - Villa Santanyi, in Mallorca, Spain
— Villa and pool

— Villa Santanyi is a self-catering holiday home, but do you offer any additional services?

Caroline: “If guests would like to have their rooms cleaned daily, we can offer that service for an additional fee.”
Dining area - Villa Santanyi, in Mallorca, Spain
— Dining area

— What’s so special about the whole experience of staying at Villa Santanyi?

Caroline: “My favorite start to a day at Villa Santanyi is to go to the beach and swim. There are hardly any neighbors in this part of Majorca and being completely away from everything really makes it a unique and luxurious experience.

The surrounding nature is incredible to experience. During the summer, you can lie in the courtyard and have your own private piece of sky. In fact, in August, you can even sleep on the roof and look at the immense sky above you and watch the stars at night, which is just amazing.”
 - Villa Santanyi, in Mallorca, Spain
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