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La Maison is managed by Jacques, the Owner.
R$450 - R$890/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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La Maison pool area - La Maison, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
— Jacques: “We loved the idea, we love to organize stuff, to receive and welcome people and this is the reason why we said, okay, maybe we can be good in this business – because we enjoy doing it.”
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— How does a Frenchman end up in Brazil owning a boutique guest house?

Jacques: “My brother was already in Rio and I was a bit worried because I never saw him or heard from him. I was asking what had happened. When I came here to visit a friend I quickly understood. He fell in love with Rio. And it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Rio as well.

It’s an amazing city. I always say that we have everything apart from the cold. Everything else is here, the lakes, the ocean, the city, the forest... We don’t have the beauty of Paris in terms of architecture but there is the landscape –the location is amazing. For me it is the nicest city in the world.”
La Maison pool area - La Maison, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
— La Maison pool area

— When did you move to Brazil?

Jacques: “I moved to Rio in 2004. My brother and I decided to stay, to do something together. We were thinking about what to do and quickly understood that the hotel market was quite poor at this time because you had almost nothing between the big chain hotels and the hostels. So we decided to start to work in this industry and do something different.

We have not worked in this area before and you need to understand a lot of things to run this kind of business. But we loved the idea. We love to organise stuff, to receive and welcome people and this is the reason why we said, okay, maybe we can be good at this business – because we enjoy doing it. We do it with pleasure.”
La Maison lounge area - La Maison, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
— La Maison lounge area

— What is the history of La Maison?

Jacques: “The building was totally run down because nobody was living in this house for 10 years when we found it. In Brazil, especially in Rio where you have the tropical weather, there’s a lot of humidity. So it was in a really bad state. We had to work on it for one year and a half, changing a lot of things inside. We basically kept the roof and the four walls and changed everything inside.”
 - La Maison, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

— You say the decoration of La Maison was inspired by your travels?

Jacques: “That’s right. At La Maison, we have five rooms with different themes. One is India, another one is China, one is Brazilian of course — the Recamier, which is all continents — and the Tiffany, which is inspired by New York. We chose those 5 different locations because they mean something to us. We used to travel a lot. We like that people book the rooms because of the decor and what it means to them. They’re all really different, so it’s quite cool to have them all in the same place.”
Copacabana room balcony - La Maison, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
— Copacabana room balcony

— If you had to describe the style and the essence of La Maison, how would you do that?

Jacques: “In terms of feeling, what we want to do at La Maison is offer a place where guests arrive and feel at home as quickly as possible. La Maison is a homey and cosy place and this is really important. We didn’t want to offer just a place to sleep like a normal hotel. We want to offer a place where the people arrive and feel like a friend is receiving them... something really more intimate and personal.

In terms of decor, it’s a mix of modern and antique... I don’t know how to explain that. For example, if you go to the open lounge area, it’s something more white, more clean. Then you go into the living room which is in red colours, it’s more cosy and it’s a different atmosphere... it’s all a mix of that.”
Shanghai room - La Maison, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
— Shanghai room

— Please tell me a little bit about the services you offer?

Jacques: “Basically, La Maison is like a B&B, we have breakfast included with the room. We offer lunch and dinner as well, but it’s on request. The menu is a la carte; we ask what the guests want to eat, choosing between meat, fish and chicken and we organise a nice meal around that. We don’t have a proper restaurant, but we buy everything fresh and cook it on the same day.

I also receive all the guests myself. I help to organise drivers, book restaurants, give a lot of advice about what to do, and where to go depending on people wanting something more local or more touristic.”
 - La Maison, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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