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Monaci delle Terre Nere is managed by Guido Alessandro, the owner.
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Monaci delle Terre Nere
— Guido Alessandro: “I was looking for a small house in the area and found this place the very first day. I fell in love with it and decided to invest every drop of my energy into it.”
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— Tell us a little bit about the relais please.
Guido Alessandro: “The building is of historic importance and used to be owned by monks. It is set on the slopes of Mt. Etna looking over the Mediterranean. It is part of an 40-acre organic farm where we grow different varieties of fruit. We also have a vineyard and an organic vegetable garden for the guests. The place has a beautiful view and energy and is very precious to me.”
— Monaci delle Terre Nere
— What made you choose this place?
Guido Alessandro: “I am originally from Sicily, but used to live in England and the US. I was looking for a small house in the area and found this place the very first day. I fell in love with it and decided to invest every drop of my energy into it.

I have a love of farms and working the land and brought my know-how in dealing with life to this adventure.”
— Suite Amible
— Was it your plan to open a small hotel?
Guido Alessandro: “Not at all. I felt the place was too big for myself and I had many friends coming and going. So I thought I may as well open it up to people. It gives me joy to have people stay here and enjoy the place.”
— Dependance
— Tell us a little about the restoration of the hotel.
Guido Alessandro: “The restoration took about three years. We used only local materials and as little chemicals as possible and are about to get an eco-tourist certification.

There are six rooms. We eventually plan to have 12 after having restored the three old stone buildings by the vineyard and the wine cellar. But this will take a little while.”
— Reception area
— What about the interior design?
Guido Alessandro: “We had an architect who helped us with that. But the idea behind it comes from my girlfriend and myself. I decorated the house with different things I have collected over the years, especially paintings from the British-Brazilian artist, Olivier Mourao.”
— Duble Deluxe Cristallino
— Do you also have a restaurant?
Guido Alessandro: “Yes, but just for the guests. The majority of the food is organic and we are getting organized to bring in more and more.

Italian cuisine is based on simplicity and all our dishes are seasonal. We serve things like pastries from a local baker, our own bread with marmalade or quiche with wild herbs. We also serve fresh fish from the sea cooked in a thick layer of salt to preserve all the flavors and a wonderful selection of wine.”
— Pool area
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