Cliff House is managed by Pernille, the owner.
430 - 690/night
Suitable for 8-10 people

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Cliff House terrace - Cliff House, in Puglia, Italy
— Pernille: “The house sits on a cliff 22 metres above the sea, you feel as if you are on your own island with nothing but the wide ocean in front of you.”
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— How would you describe your vacation home in a few words?

Pernille: “Cliff House is a vacation rental in a stunning ancient building on the cliffs of Poligano a Mare in Puglia, southern Italy with incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea.”
Cliff House terrace - Cliff House, in Puglia, Italy
— Cliff House terrace

— What is the history of the house? What was your inspiration to renovate it?

Pernille: “It has always been a dream of ours to buy a masseria, which is like a farmhouse in the region, so once we got the money we searched for the perfect place. Whenever we visited this area, we would always stay at a romantic hotel in Polignano a Mare that was next to an abandoned building. We had never thought that we would want to own a townhouse, but when we checked it out, we realized that it was destiny, even despite its bad state.

We didn’t have much experience in restoring something like it before, so we had to find the right team to help us. Its sensitive position on top of cliffs and the narrow street it is located on required most things to be done by hand. Including the time it took to get all the necessary permits, it took a total of three years to renovate the building.”
View of Polignano a Mare - Cliff House, in Puglia, Italy
— View of Polignano a Mare

— Can you describe the interior design and the atmosphere of the rental?

Pernille: “We collaborated with our architect on materials and restored the house in the traditional Puglian style, making use of all kinds of different local techniques. We have designed it in a way where the stones stand out yet still look very rustic.

My husband and I were both in charge of the interior decoration and since we are close to Africa, it was important to have some of the spirit of African crafts and color included into the design. Together with Scandinavian influences and the original Puglian style, which is simple and essential, we were able to blend and complement notes from those three cultures.

As for the atmosphere, the most amazing feeling about the house is when you’re outside and look at the house itself. It looks typical of the area, but once you enter, there’s an immediate sense of awe. You have an amazing view of the sea right off the cliffs and due to the cellar full of water the house always stays cool, even during the hot summer months.”
 - Cliff House, in Puglia, Italy

— Please tell us about the different rooms and facilities of the home.

Pernille: “The ground floor of the house has a huge terrace, which is the perfect place to have breakfast or dinner while enjoying the spectacular views of the sea. Connected to the terrace is the kitchen with a concrete sink and tables that look like they’re made of stone. There is also one double bedroom, a bathroom, a dining room with stone floors and a living room with a fireplace on this floor.

On the second floor are two big double rooms. One is the master bedroom that faces the sea, which has its own big bathroom and a TV room. The other has a loft that can accommodate another two people. On the third floor is the roof terrace where we have a kitchenette and bathroom as well as six sunbeds and a small dipping pool. The house sits 22 meters above the sea, so you really get a sense of that natural world and feel you’re on your own isolated island from up there. It’s a million dollar view where you can have a candlelight dinner.”
Main terrace - Cliff House, in Puglia, Italy
— Main terrace

— Do you offer your guests any other services?

Pernille: “We offer each guest soaps and shampoos and also stock the vacation rental with necessities such as wine, water, marmalade, olive oil, pasta, coffee and the like. Our dear housewives Enza and Anna are happy to cook traditional meals for a private dinner, they also do a midweek cleaning and can do laundry as well. And of course we can offer recommendations for restaurants and shopping in the area.”
 - Cliff House, in Puglia, Italy

— What’s so special about the house to you personally?

Pernille: “Even after 10 years, every time I visit I still feel how amazing it is to be there, as if it’s the first time. You just don’t expect it when you see the house from the street. It’s very cozy inside and you can enjoy the terrace of the house even in the heat of summer because it stays shady.

I also love the feeling of isolation, which you get from facing the sea, when you see nothing besides nature and the wide open ocean. Yet once you walk out of the main door, you are in a very busy town with lots of things to see and do.”
 - Cliff House, in Puglia, Italy
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