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Masseria Alchimia is managed by Caroline, the owner.
69 - 275/night
Suitable for 1-5 people

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Masseria Alchimia - Masseria Alchimia, in Puglia, Italy
— Caroline: “This is a very personal house, from the style and the way I run it. If someone sees that, what the spirit of the house is, it means they have the same type of spirit. That is something I really like!”
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— How would you describe Masseria Alchimia in a nutshell?

Caroline: “Masseria Alchimia is a small, charming boutique hideaway in Puglia, Italy. Holiday guests rent small, independent units with kitchenettes. It’s like a self-catering apartment hotel.

We are in the countryside here, but we are also close to the sea with very nice beaches. It is a very quiet retreat.”
Masseria Alchimia - Masseria Alchimia, in Puglia, Italy
— Masseria Alchimia

— What was your inspiration to open these holiday apartments in Puglia?

Caroline: “I had come down to Puglia many years ago and started living in a trulli house by myself. It was kind of big with a lot of rooms, so many friends stopped by and stayed. I liked that a lot, so I decided to do it in a more professional way.

I worked as a photographer at that time, but when I had my son it became more difficult. So switching over to something brand new made sense.”
Deluxe Suite - Masseria Alchimia, in Puglia, Italy
— Deluxe Suite

— Please tell us a bit about the history and style of the masseria.

Caroline: “The oldest part of Masseria Alchimia is from the 17th century. In the past, it was owned by nuns. It was an institute where they would teach young girls how to be good wives. They also used to grow olives to make olive oil so when I bought it, there were 17 hectares of land. Now only 3 hectares still belong to the masseria. It’s still big, but not that big.

In terms of decoration, I decided to break the rules and not use classic Italian furniture. Instead, I bought some colourful furniture pieces – some vintage, some contemporary – to create a nice mix. I also use the walls of Masseria Alchimia to show changing works of artists and painters.”
 - Masseria Alchimia, in Puglia, Italy

— Please tell us a little bit more about the holiday apartments.

Caroline: “There are 10 apartments for a maximum of 20 guests. Two are suites and can be divided into separate accommodations.

All apartments have kitchenettes which are hidden inside a cupboard with fridges, cooking stoves, coffee makers etc.

All apartments have private outside spaces as well. The smaller apartments have small patios and the larger ones have big terraces. They even have small private gardens where guests can eat or read a book, etc.

I also have two neighbors who produce and sell food. They offer homemade breads, marmalades, olive oil, fruit and vegetables, and cheeses. Many guests walk over to them to purchase food to prepare in their little kitchens.”
Deluxe Suite rock pool - Masseria Alchimia, in Puglia, Italy
— Deluxe Suite rock pool

— Do you have a favourite holiday apartment?

Caroline: “I like the Romantic Suite very much. It’s very private. If you walk on the terraces, no one can see you. And you have the sea view.

The other one I like very much is the Deluxe Suite. It has two terraces, and on the second terrace, which you get to from the bedroom, there is a small plunge pool in a rock.”
Deluxe Suite - Masseria Alchimia, in Puglia, Italy
— Deluxe Suite

— What services do you provide at Masseria Alchimia?

Caroline: “Since we are also residents at Masseria Alchimia, we are here for any recommendations holiday guests might need. We recommend places to see or where to shop, we make reservations at restaurants and so on. I’ve lived here for 20 years now and know everyone and everything, so I can offer excellent recommendations for what not to miss.

When families with small kids come, there are a lot of places in the area for children to have fun, or we can arrange for a babysitter if the parents want to go out on their own.

I am also a member of the local beach club so can offer guests special rates or make appointments for specific sun beds and so on.”
 - Masseria Alchimia, in Puglia, Italy
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