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Masseria della Croce is managed by Alberto, the owner.
1000 - 1670/night
Suitable for up to 8 people

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Masseria della Croce and pool - Masseria della Croce, in Puglia, Italy
— Alberto: “With about 800 kilometers of coastland, Puglia has some of Italy’s most unforgettable beaches, from Polignano a Mare to Monopoli, and from Otranto to Gallipoli.”
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— How would you describe Masseria della Croce in a nutshell?

Alberto: “Masseria della Croce is a luxury vacation villa rental in Puglia, Italy, immersed in unspoiled nature, 15 minutes from the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and near many interesting sights like Murgia dei Trulli, Valle d’Itria and Salento.

The Masseria enjoys a spacious parlor with a warm fireplace, living room, study, dining room, full kitchen, four suites and four baths. All rooms overlook the courtyard, beautifully landscaped gardens and a marvelous heated swimming pool.”
Masseria della Croce and pool - Masseria della Croce, in Puglia, Italy
— Masseria della Croce and pool

— Please tell us a bit about the history of the Masseria.

Alberto: “The history of the Masseria dates back to the 17th century, during which the Knights of Malta and Benedictine monks stayed here.

The renovation to turn the building into a vacation villa, which begun in the mid 90s, took place with respect of the formal and structural elements of the Masseria, perfectly integrating the original features with the refined decor and furniture throughout.”
Villa living room - Masseria della Croce, in Puglia, Italy
— Villa living room

— Please tell us a bit more about your vacation villa.

Alberto: “Every suite is special in its own way. All of the elegantly dressed suites offer beautiful views of the surrounding nature, allowing yourself to be pleasantly awoken by the melody of the rooster as the first rays of sun find their way through the shutters. One suite even features an intimate and relaxing jacuzzi.

One of the many remaining original features, the embrasure, found in the walls of one of the upper floor suites reminds us of times in which enemies were repelled from above, by a bath of hot oil.”
 - Masseria della Croce, in Puglia, Italy

— What kind of services and facilities do you offer to your vacation guests?

Alberto: “Masseria della Croce would like to treat its guests to a unique and delightful vacation with an absolute attention to service. No wish is left unrealised.

Our services include a chef who will indulge any request and would be particularly delighted to prepare you one of our typical Pugliese specialties, or offer a private traditional cooking course for those looking to try their hand at some of the best dishes in the world.

On the villa grounds you can enjoy badminton, ping pong, archery and jogging or blissful relaxation in the Finnish sauna or on the outdoor massage beds at the back of the pool area.

Butler, baby-sitter, personal trainer or dry cleaning services are also on offer and we can even organise special excursions, a hired driver or a private boat.”
Terrace and garden - Masseria della Croce, in Puglia, Italy
— Terrace and garden

— How would you describe the atmosphere at the Masseria?

Alberto: “Puglia is an extraordinary place to be discovered and explored and yet we have had some guests who simply weren’t able to leave the Masseria once they got settled in. Here things seem to move a bit more slowly than in your previous reality.

Being at the edge of the pool is like a spiritual retreat. At the Masseria you will find harmony.”
Villa bedroom - Masseria della Croce, in Puglia, Italy
— Villa bedroom
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