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Mazzini 31 is managed by Patrizio, Architect.
$420 - $750/night
Suitable for 6-8 people

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Mazzini 31 pool area - Mazzini 31, in Umbria, Italy
— Patrizio: “It is an extremely romantic and elegant place. On the walls you can still read and feel the patina of the centuries.”
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— Tell us a bit about the history of the villa and the interior design.

Patrizio: “The building is from the 14th century but its current layout is from the late 1700s when it was owned by a rich family and then divided into multiple residences among heirs. We purchased the more ‘noble’ of these apartments with frescoed walls and ceilings, a beautiful terrace annexed to it and the old stables of the building and turned it into a luxury vacation rental.

We wanted to preserve all that was original and of historic value but at the same time really infuse the home with contrasting elements of modernist design. We used materials and furnishings that felt noble and elegant and in a way are almost the modern versions of the old elements.”
Mazzini 31 pool area - Mazzini 31, in Umbria, Italy
— Mazzini 31 pool area

— How would you describe the atmosphere at Mazzini 31?

Patrizio: “It is an extremely romantic and elegant vacation home. On the walls you can still read and feel the patina of the centuries but the new interventions and the many updates we added make it extremely luxurious and comfortable.

There’s a touch of whimsical that we always like to infuse our projects with, to make them unexpected and intriguing, and this is particularly true in this house. The original rooms are so well proportioned and lovely that one feels comfortable and poetically inspired just being in them.”
Bathroom - Mazzini 31, in Umbria, Italy
— Bathroom

— Please tell us a bit about the villa rental’s rooms and facilities.

Patrizio: “The 3 current bedrooms where originally also bedrooms and we created bathrooms out of passageways and old closets to give them all a very private feel. One of the bedrooms had layers of plaster that we kept peeling away until we found original frescoes from the 1500s, and all the others have beautifully painted walls as well.

The original dining room became a library that opens onto an eat-in kitchen with a dining table in the old maid’s quarters. From there you get on the beautiful terrace overlooking the valley. The original living room has a fireplace and some of the best frescoed ceilings and is a very serene and elegant space. And of course right below it is the pool and spa.

I love the flow of the house and the open feel of the circulation between all the rooms. I wish homes were still designed this way!”
 - Mazzini 31, in Umbria, Italy

— Tell us more about the stunning swimming pool and spa at the villa.

Patrizio: “We love it! This area was the old stables of the building and there was still manure on the floor when we bought it. They also stored all their olive oil production there and you could still smell it! Because the house has limited outdoor space we thought of creating a private spa here with pool, hot tub, lounging inside and outdoor as well, a minibar/kitchenette and a full bathroom.

During renovation we found areas of the floor that looked cemented. As we removed the cement we discovered 2 underground caves carved into the stone, perfectly preserved. There were still old bottles of wine and barrels in there! We cleaned up the caves, restored the beautiful stairs and converted the larger of the two into a wine cellar for our vacation guests’ use. The entire spa area has in-floor radiant heat so even in the dead of winter this will be the most enjoyable pool around.”
Mazzini 31 terrace - Mazzini 31, in Umbria, Italy
— Mazzini 31 terrace

— What other services are available to your villa guests?

Patrizio: “We love providing pretty much anything that our guests desire as it enriches the experience of the house and the area. We have a cook for private meals and a Michelin starred chef who does cooking classes. We can also provide private massages, Yoga classes, local wine and cheese tastings, wine tours in the most beautiful nearby vineyards with tastings and lunch, a personal driver and limo service... Basically Mazzini 31 is luxury vacation villa with a full concierge service like in a luxury hotel.”
Bedroom - Mazzini 31, in Umbria, Italy
— Bedroom

— To you personally, what is so special about the whole experience of staying at Mazzini 31?

Patrizio: “The special aspect of this rental is the peace and quiet of its surroundings. The views are contemplative and beautiful. The house feels like an elegant oasis that is also very connected to the rest of the world so in just a short drive you can be in some of the most beautiful cities of Umbria and Southern Tuscany. The whole experience of being there feels relaxing, away from it all yet not remote or isolated in any way. I can’t think of many places that feel this way. I think about it as a writer’s retreat!”
 - Mazzini 31, in Umbria, Italy
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