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The Farmhouse is managed by Eileen, the owner.
$585 - $1014/night
Suitable for 8-10 people

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Farmhouse pool - The Farmhouse, in Umbria, Italy
— Eileen: “We are a little bit hidden away, and I think that’s very much what guests like. You would never imagine this paradise exists at the end of a dirt road.”
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— How would you describe The Farmhouse in a nutshell?

Eileen: “The Farmhouse is set among tranquil cherry groves and rolling barley fields and has been turned into a beautiful vacation rental with four bedrooms in Umbria, Italy. It has a very modern feel and aesthetic to it.”
Farmhouse bedroom - The Farmhouse, in Umbria, Italy
— Farmhouse bedroom

— What inspired you to move to Italy and open a vacation rental?

Eileen: “I have had a long love affair with Italy. I studied art history and classics in the United States and traveled to Italy later to work at the Guggenheim in Venice. My husband, Lorenzo, is Italian, although we lived in Boston for 20 years.

We purchased the estate almost 20 years ago. It was a ruin and little by little we restored it. We restored our villa first from the ground up, adding windows, doors and fixing the roof. We then progressed to the farmhouse and finished that just last year.

When we moved to Italy full time six years ago, it seemed like a good idea to rent out the villa to vacation guests, as we had done that for years to friends prior to moving there. We also had a bicycle touring company and knew the area well. Our guests had expressed interest in staying there, so it fit right in.”
Dining area - The Farmhouse, in Umbria, Italy
— Dining area

— Please tell us more about the farm.

Eileen: “Our farm is comprised of 70 acres and my husband oversees the farming. We grow red wine, olive oil, and our own grain, all of which is organic. We are busy in the fall with the grapes, and that moves right into olive season. Once February starts, we begin pruning everything. We eat very seasonally here — strawberries in the spring, then it’s cherry season, then apricot season. Our children really enjoy experiencing the seasons based on the foods available.

We have a white sheep dog, cats, and chickens roaming around the farm. People love to visit with the animals, especially the children. And of course, our chickens offer fresh eggs every day.”
 - The Farmhouse, in Umbria, Italy

— How would you describe your farmhouse vacation rental?

Eileen: “The farmhouse is made of stone and is modern and airy. It’s all on one level and two houses are kind of combined into one, with a covered walkway that joins them. There’s a total of four bedrooms, and a TV room with a pullout couch.

We used only local materials in the renovations. There is a lot of wrought iron and all the typical materials you find in Umbria, yet we gave it a little lighter and more modern feel.

All of the bedrooms and bathrooms are big. There is a lot of open space. Each room has a private terrace, and one of the bedrooms has an outdoor bathtub. There’s a great fireplace outside on the terrace.”
Farmhouse bathroom - The Farmhouse, in Umbria, Italy
— Farmhouse bathroom

— What other amenities and services do you offer?

Eileen: “The farmhouse has its own pool with about four meters of shallow space, so it’s very good for children and young families. Just above the pool is the terrace offering beautiful views of the Tiber River Valley, an outdoor fireplace and you are surrounded by cherry, walnut and olive groves, fig and cypress trees. We also offer WiFi, DVDs, and a Wii.

Even though the place is self-catering, we have two wonderful chefs who can come to either building. Guests can request meals and watch the chefs rolling out the pasta in the kitchens. Our own home-grown ingredients are used in preparing the meals.

We also have bikes. It’s hilly and rigorous biking, so it’s probably not for beginners, but if you’re a cycling enthusiast, you’ll love it. There are a lot of animals, as it’s a hunting preserve, and there are a lot of walking and hiking trails to explore.”
Farmhouse pool - The Farmhouse, in Umbria, Italy
— Farmhouse pool
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