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The Lemon Grove is managed by Tommaso, corporate lawyer.
360 - 700/night
Suitable for 6-8 people

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The Lemon Grove roof terrace - The Lemon Grove, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
— Tommaso: “Many of our guests often use Sorrento as a base to not only visit the beach or spend a day on the boat, but also to discover the many sights nearby like Pompeii, Capri, Naples and the Amalfi coast.”
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— How would you describe The Lemon Grove in a nutshell?

Tommaso: “The Lemon Grove is a 3 bedroom villa rental nestled in a peaceful lemon grove with beautiful views over the Amalfi coast. The house was built in the 19th century and has been in the family for generations. It has been entirely refurbished mixing the original, antique flair with modern touches.”
The Lemon Grove roof terrace - The Lemon Grove, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
— The Lemon Grove roof terrace

— Please tell us more about the rooms and facilities at the villa.

Tommaso: “We have a nice kitchen with all the necessary appliances opening up into the courtyard, which is perfect for al fresco dinners. A separate dining room also opens out to the courtyard. The living room — split into two separate areas — makes up the ground floor.

Outside we have just completed a beautiful swimming pool with a nice deck to just relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Please note that the pool will be shared with the owners when they are in Sorrento and that it is open between the end of May and the middle of September.

We don’t have a parking space inside the within the premises, but it is very easy (and totally safe) to find a parking space on the road immediately close to the villa with small cars. Priora is a very small quiet village with little traffic.”
The Lemon Grove kitchen - The Lemon Grove, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
— The Lemon Grove kitchen

— What about the villa’s interior design and atmosphere?

Tommaso: “The villa is an authentic, old building. We still have the antique ‘palmento’ in what is now the living room, where people used to crush the grapes with their feet and squeeze the juice into a barrel. We wanted to maintain some of the antique features but have added modern touches creating a contemporary, cosmopolitan feeling.

We tried to put together a kitchen that was close to what an antique kitchen might have looked like in the local style, but there’s modern lighting and other modern amenities and furnishings. The beds are part modern and part antique in terms of the iron bed frame. We chose the furnishings very carefully and used pieces that we have collected over the years to retain the unique flair of the house.”
Pool area - The Lemon Grove, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
— Pool area

— Please tell us more about the villa garden, the lemon grove.

Tommaso: “We have been spending summers here for generations. When we were refurbishing the property my mother was very focused on not altering the nature of the garden. She wanted to maintain the nature of the lemon grove which is very traditional of this area — the Sorrento lemons are world famous. In order to protect the lemons, they would grow grapes on top of them. It is a very typical local technique.

Our garden is very characteristic of the area where the lemon orchard surrounds the courtyard. Our courtyard is like a little enclave because you have the villa on one side, a rough rock wall on the other and the stables where the animals were kept all enclosing the courtyard, making it very cozy.

It is important to know that the villa is on three levels, so there are many stairs.”
View of the Amalfi coast - The Lemon Grove, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
— View of the Amalfi coast

— What was your inspiration to rent out the villa to holiday guests?

Tommaso: “We wanted to share our house with guests and provide modern accommodations with an authentic, local flair. This is in contrast to the many other places on the Amalfi coast which are often either cheap with a lot of kitsch, or 5 star hotels.”
Dining area - The Lemon Grove, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
— Dining area

— What kind of services are available to your guests as part of the villa rental?

Tommaso: “A good friend of mine is our house manager. She knows the area around Amalfi very well and speaks a number of languages so she can offer suggestions for what to see and do in the area. We have long-standing relationships with the locals here so can easily make arrangements for a variety of activities, but it is always a good idea to plan some activities before your stay to ensure availability.

We also have two people who take care of the house and offer cooking and cleaning services. This allows guests to better enjoy the property without having to take care of the housekeeping or organise meals themselves. It’s more relaxing.

Our idea is to provide our holiday guests an insider’s view of the Amalfi coast, telling them about the restaurants where not many tourists go, the special little shops in area etc.”
 - The Lemon Grove, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
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