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Torre Amalfi is managed by Kristine, architect and owner.
400 - 1400/night
Suitable for 2-8 people

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Tower and view - Torre Amalfi, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
— Kristine: “The tower is truly one of a kind, offering stunning views of the island of Capri and the Mediterran. Its structure is fascinating and unpretentious, as it was stripped down to the bare essentials.”
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— How would you describe Torre Amalfi in a nutshell?

Kristine: “Torre Amalfi is a Saracen tower, turned villa rental, on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. It is located in a national park, the estate stretches over 50 hectares, which is composed of stunning woodland, olive groves, and lemon trees, extraordinary fauna and beautiful views of Capri.”
Tower and view - Torre Amalfi, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
— Tower and view

— Please tell us about the villa rental and the rooms.

Kristine: “Torre Amalfi is right above the Amalfi Coast and in between the gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno and offers extraordinary views of the island of Capri and the Mediterranean. The tower has been transformed into a stylish yet rustic guest accommodation. Upon entering the tower on the ground floor, there is a living area with a dining space, a well-equipped kitchen and a mezzanine bedroom with towering ceilings and light coming from the windows above. On the next level are the bathroom and a second living room with a fireplace. The romantic master bedroom is on the top floor with another bathroom. It opens up to a massive platform terrace with stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. There are also several different dining spaces outside.

About 3 minutes walk away is another building which offers an additional two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a beautiful sun terrace overlooking the coast.”
Terrace - Torre Amalfi, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
— Terrace

— Please tell us about the facilities and services offered at Torre Amalfi.

Kristine: “Despite being a luxury rental, we also host an Artist-in-Residency program focused on the fields of architecture, design, craftsmanship, hospitality and food. It was designed to inspire intellectual and cultural curiosity and provide a sanctuary where creativity can thrive among nature. The participating artists stay in the tower or in other buildings on the property.

Upon arrival guests are greeted with a ‘welcome kit,’ with coffee, tea, jam and breakfast items. They can also use produce from our organic gardens for their lunch and dinner preparations. The tower has Wi-Fi, state of the art audio and visual entertainment systems as well as air conditioning and heating. It is self-catering but a local chef can prepare seasonal dishes in the comfort of the villa. Guests who chose to do so have given us amazing feedback. Upon request we can also arrange for cooking lessons, a personal driver for touring the coast, as well as airport and train station transfers.”
 - Torre Amalfi, in Amalfi Coast, Italy

— What is so special about Torre Amalfi?

Kristine: “Both the property itself as well as its location are unique and truly special. We are located right on the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO site of legendary natural beauty, next to glittering coastal towns. Many are drawn to this area to partake in the glamour, excellent culinary offerings and stunning scenery.

The tower itself is part of an extensive portfolio of luxury properties where each piece is a success-ful blend of Italian history, design, and culture, mixed together with Scandinavian design and aes-thetics. The tower is truly one of a kind. Its structure is fascinating and unpretentious, as it was stripped down to the bare essentials. The intricate stonework and tiles are now the ideal backdrop for some cool vintage pieces and décor.”
The tower - Torre Amalfi, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
— The tower

— Please tell us about the interior design/architecture. How would you describe it?

Kristine: “Built in the Middle Ages, the tower obviously had a completely different purpose compared to how we are using it today. It was a great challenge to refurbish, as there are very strict rules for such a protected historic site and our choices regarding the materials used were predetermined. The walls are natural local whitewash, which contrasts nicely with the rustic stonewall. Smooth local cotto stone was used on the floors to blend well with the overall structure. Actually, the biggest challenge during the tower’s renovation was the vaulted ceilings and arched walls.

The tower’s interior is ever evolving, but always keeping in line with its rustic structure. To create a cosy and beautiful interior we like to mix it up with kelim carpets and fabrics. Our décor philosophy is simple, as we realize that there are not many furniture pieces that would fit into such a rustic atmosphere. We do however like to create a bit of a contrast by adding some modern design pieces and artwork.”
Terrace - Torre Amalfi, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
— Terrace

— Please tell us about the food.

Kristine: “The tower is self-catering, but we can arrange for a private chef to come and prepare seasonal dishes on-site. Our guests really like having that option, as it is a great way to be introduced to local culture and cuisine. We also really recommend trying limoncello (a lemon liqueur), which is used as a digestive after meals or as an aperitif. It’s often homemade using the juicy lemons that grow in the area. For those of our guests wanting to venture out, there are also several good restaurants in the area. We can of course give recommendations of our favourite places to guests.”
 - Torre Amalfi, in Amalfi Coast, Italy
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