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Aufberg 1113 - Aufberg 1113, in Salzburger Land, Austria
— Andrea: “This is a place where you will find what you have been searching for: a clear view of yourself and a new way of looking at life. It’s a little paradise.”
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— Aufberg 1113 is part of the Taxhof. Please tell me a bit about its history, the family and the farm.

Andrea: “The Unterberger’s family tradition on the Taxhof starts with the purchase of the property in 1687. Since then the farm was always handed down from father to son. The building itself dates back to the year 1545. The attached farm is lovingly run by my husband Matthias and home to many different kinds of animals. Nature, animals and people live together in harmony here. The traditional Inn with its famous restaurant is now lead by my two daughters Elisabeth and Katharina.”
— Aufberg 1113

— What was the inspiration to open Aufberg 1113? And why did you choose contemporary architecture for it?

Andrea: “Every period leaves its own traces and I wanted to create something contemporary. It’s important to look forward and to be open to new things. Back then, the architect of Aufberg 1113, Prof. Andreas Meck, was on vacation at the Taxhof. We had some interesting conversations and so I showed him the meadow. He felt the positive energy of the place and we started working together. It all started with my idea of having a kind of bird’s nest where people can feel the mountain and have a great view into the valley...”
— Terrace

— How would you describe the architecture and the interior?

Andrea: “The architecture of Aufberg 1113 impresses through clear lines and generosity. It’s a combination of wood, natural stone, exposed concrete and glass — with the fireplaces at the center of the house. It’s like a little cottage on a mountain, a space for our guests to be surrounded by nature with beautiful views towards the glacier and down into two valleys.”
— Swallow’s nest balcony

— Please tell us a bit about two apartment.

Andrea: “Swallow’s nest is a big apartment – it is very open with a panoramic view from East to West and a free-floating terrace high up in the air. There is a wooden floor, an open fireplace as well as a bath tub next to the bed. Here you literally feel like like a bird in the sky.”
— Swallow’s nest view

— What would you describe to be the essence of Aufberg 1113 and your philosophy?

Andrea: “I wanted a house where you felt the warmth and security of a bird’s nest, where you don’t get disturbed, so the back is closed for protection and comfort and the front is open to maximize the views. This is a place where you will find what you have been searching for: a clear view of yourself and a new way of looking at life. It’s a little paradise.”

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