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Borgo Tranquillo is managed by Frank, the owner and former designer.
157 - 335/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Borgo Tranquillo spa and pool area - Borgo Tranquillo, in Le Marche, Italy
— Ariane: “Borgo Tranquillo is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills of Le Marche and provides wonderful clean, fresh air. The views are splendid and have a soothing quality to them.”
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— How would you describe Borgo Tranquillo in a nutshell?

Ariane: “Borgo Tranquillo Design Resort in Le Marche, Italy, is a beautiful hideaway that offers peaceful and tranquil moments in a stunning natural environment. Four holiday apartments and one spacious villa rental well as a club house, spa and pool are available for up to twelve guests at a time. The architecture and design of the estate mix traditional structures with contemporary loft-style interior.”
Borgo Tranquillo spa and pool area - Borgo Tranquillo, in Le Marche, Italy
— Borgo Tranquillo spa and pool area

— How did the idea of Borgo Tranquillo Design Resort come to life?

Ariane: “Back in London we had everything we wanted except time. Even though we were both very successful in our fields we eventually decided that there should be more to life than hard work and material possessions.

When we came to Italy in 2002 looking for a country property we immediately fell in love with Le Marche and purchased the grounds only one year later. Frank drew up the designs for the entire estate and we then worked with local architects and craftsmen using only local materials. Our first holiday guests came in 2008.”
View from the terrace - Borgo Tranquillo, in Le Marche, Italy
— View from the terrace

— How would you describe the atmosphere at Borgo Tranquillo?

Ariane: “The atmosphere of Borgo Tranquillo is very relaxed. We’ve set up the resort in a way that people can keep to themselves if they want to. It does, however, depend on the guests. Some of our guests are very quiet and then the estate resembles that relaxed and quiet feeling. During high season there are children around, which usually means that our guests interact more with each other.”
 - Borgo Tranquillo, in Le Marche, Italy

— Please tell us more about the holiday apartments.

Ariane: “There are four holiday apartments and one rental villa, which are all very different in atmosphere and style. All of the apartments can accommodate up to two adults and one child. We can take up to two children during high season.

My favourite apartment is #3 with its high ceilings and clean and white minimalist feel. When the morning sun lights up the bedroom it is absolutely magical.

The design of apartment #1 is clean-cut and mostly white. It has a semi-enclosed terrace with artwork from Bali and overlooks the woodlands and the lavender garden.

Apartments #2 and #4 are sand-coloured and have far-reaching views. The terrace of apartment #4 offers an incredible view of the sunsets.

The holiday villa is 150 square meters and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a big kitchen, a dining area, and a living room upstairs. A little balcony is located off the living room as well as an enclosed, private garden.”
The Borgo courtyard - Borgo Tranquillo, in Le Marche, Italy
— The Borgo courtyard

— How would you describe the design of the resort?

Ariane: “We tried to establish a place with clean, clear and uncluttered design, as that is something we’ve always wanted for our own vacation home. We like the idea of providing individual apartments combined with common spaces, such as the club house with the pool, where you can meet up with other guests.

All of the art in the spacious apartments is modern and the furniture is classic in design. From the cutlery in the kitchen to everything else in and around the apartments and the villa, our philosophy is to have only the very best.”
 - Borgo Tranquillo, in Le Marche, Italy

— What facilities and services are available for holiday guests?

Ariane: “The clubhouse has a large infinity pool, sauna, and a Turkish bath. There is also a free bar and Nespresso coffee in the clubhouse. We have washing machines, barbecues, mountain bikes, deck chairs, hammocks, and also benches that provide privacy away from the main areas. And finally there are also many DVDs and a book library.”
 - Borgo Tranquillo, in Le Marche, Italy
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