Casa Flora is managed by Gioele, the owner.
600 - 1600/night
Suitable for 6-7 people

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Casa Flora living area - Casa Flora, in Venice, Italy
— Gioele: “The atmosphere at Casa Flora is very contemporary, bright and airy, as pretty much everything in the apartment was created by young Italian designers.”
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— How would you describe Casa Flora in a nutshell?

Gioele: “Casa Flora is a boutique apartment rental in Venice, Italy. It started as a workshop providing the opportunity for design students to display their talents. The goal was to create a space that would make guests feel like they are temporarily residents of Venice and enable them to experience hidden Venetian life.

Our family had been running Hotel Flora for 50 years, and we wanted to do something a bit different than just provide guests with a room. As a result Casa Flora turned into a home for the design savvy traveller, with all of the apartment’s interior design custom made by local artisans and designers.”
Casa Flora living area - Casa Flora, in Venice, Italy
— Casa Flora living area

— Please tell us about the apartment and the rooms.

Gioele: “Casa Flora is a big luxury apartment with three bedrooms that are all unique, intimate and equipped with their own private Turkish spas. The common area is comfortable and cosy, with a big sofa, small library, and a view of the garden. The kitchen is very contemporary and has a stunning central island with a green stone countertop. This is where we offer cooking classes, wine tastings, and similar activities. The dining room is perfect for up to 12 people, who can sit comfortably at the briarwood and brass legged dining table.

Throughout the house there are lush plants, which makes for such a fresh and rejuvenating atmosphere. Even our bedside tables can be turned into pots for plants. Everything here is multifunctional and playful, including the bathrooms.”
Bedroom 2 - Casa Flora, in Venice, Italy
— Bedroom 2

— Please tell us about the facilities and services offered at Casa Flora.

Gioele: “Daily services include housekeeping and breakfast, which is served at Hotel Flora right next door. Upon request we can offer additional services like a private breakfast in the apartment, which will be prepared on-site by a patisserie chef.

There are many more special options and we enjoy creating the best itineraries for our guests. A chef is available for private dinners and we can organize food workshops. The experience begins with a special surprise dinner prepared at Casa Flora, the following morning we set out to discover Rialto Market, the best shops and delicatessen in the city to finish with a firsthand experience in the kitchen using top quality produce from Venice and the Veneto region. Wine tastings with a Venetian sommelier are also a great experience.

We also highly recommend a private shoemaking session. A local shoemaker creates incredible customized shoes on demand and will even come to the apartment to take your foot measurements for that perfect fit.”
 - Casa Flora, in Venice, Italy

— Please tell us about the interior design.

Gioele: “Casa Flora was designed and furnished in cooperation with local artisans and designers. The furniture was custom made by Italian designers, and everything in Casa Flora is 100% Italian design. We wanted the house to resemble a lagoon, so we chose a colour scheme of light pink, yellow, blue and green.

Each piece is special, but I love the kitchen and the large table the most. I also really like the spa areas in the rooms, which were custom made as well. A young ironworker near Venice made the beautiful bedside tables, which include a small space for plants as well. All of the pieces in the apartment can be bought, should you wish to take something home with you.”
Kitchen - Casa Flora, in Venice, Italy
— Kitchen

— How would you describe the atmosphere at Casa Flora?

Gioele: “The atmosphere at Casa Flora is very contemporary, bright and airy, as pretty much everything in the apartment was created by young Italian designers. At the same time it is a very relaxing place, right in the centre of Venice. As part of a workshop, design students were instructed to create a space typical of Venetian palaces, yet with a new, contemporary feel. The common area is very open, however the bedrooms are private, intimate and relaxing, with a small spa and hammam. The house is lush with lots of green plants all around.”
Bedroom 1 - Casa Flora, in Venice, Italy
— Bedroom 1

— Who is the perfect guest for the house?

Gioele: “The apartment can accommodate many different types of guests, whether it is couples, a group of friends, a work group, or families with children. However, what our guests have in common is that they appreciate the design and details of our apartment, and love to experience Venice from a local’s perspective.”
 - Casa Flora, in Venice, Italy
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