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Château de la Resle is managed by Johan, the owner.
195 - 475/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Château de la Resle - Château de la Resle, in Burgundy, France
— Johan: “We are located 15 minutes from Chablis, in the northern part of Burgundy. There are rolling hills, typical Burgundy architecture, wineries, abbeys and also UNESCO world heritage sites close by.”
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— How would you describe Château de la Resle in a nutshell?

Johan: “Château de la Resle is a typical French countryside château, characteristically Burgundy. The château was built from the 17th to 19th century and then rebuilt several times after.

It’s big enough to work as a small boutique hotel, but has a cosy side to it as well. We’ve given it a rather contemporary edge with our art collection. All the restoration was done for the more classic side of the building and then contrasted with contemporary art.”
Lobby - Château de la Resle, in Burgundy, France
— Lobby

— What was your inspiration to open the château as a luxurious small hotel?

Johan: “We moved to France for work reasons, bought the house, and then started renovating it. At the same time we started to expand our art and design collection.

After five years of living here by ourselves, at one point we decided that it would be a nice idea to share this beautiful home and its art collection by opening it up to guests. In the beginning we opened the hotel with three rooms for guests, later expanding it to six when we became members of Design Hotels.

We had always wanted to create a mixture of a luxury hotel and a cosy bed & breakfast. Our house has the personal side of someone’s home combined with the luxurious accommodation of a hotel. It offers the best of both worlds.”
Room Irancy - Château de la Resle, in Burgundy, France
— Room Irancy

— How would you describe the style of the hotel?

Johan: “What’s difficult with these big houses is to create a comfortable, cosy environment. To deal with that challenge we decided to use very bold colours for the interior design. Château de la Resle is decorated as a home where one can feel comfortable right away.

Since the houses of the estate were restored several times throughout the centuries, we felt comfortable to add a contemporary side to it. Staying mindful of the traditional structure, modern décor was introduced to provide clear structures.”
Suite Fontenay - Château de la Resle, in Burgundy, France
— Suite Fontenay

— Please tell us a little bit more about the guest rooms.

Johan: “Even though there is the house’s main style, all rooms are different from each other. There are two classic rooms with about 35 square meters, and one private suite in the main building, which offers a very cosy atmosphere and provides the very luxurious feeling of staying in a château.

The second suite, our biggest one with 125 square metres, is in the old caretaker’s house. It’s an ideal suite for a family, as it’s like a countryside cottage on two floors with a separate kitchen and independent access.

There is also the farmhouse, which is large enough for two full-size suites with bathrooms, as well as the restaurant, spa and pool. Those suites are very contemporary inside of a classic shell. They consist of a roof structure and walls with a concrete floor that has radiant heating.”
Breakfast room - Château de la Resle, in Burgundy, France
— Breakfast room

— Please tell us a bit more about the hotel facilities and the restaurant.

Johan: “There’s a restaurant, a gym, a heated outdoor pool, and a spa with a steam bath and sauna. We can also arrange for a masseuse to come in. Those are great things to take advantage of, especially during the winter.

We serve breakfast every morning in the château’s dining room. Dinner is prepared by our chef and served only for our guests in the restaurant in the farmhouse building. During the high season from April to October we offer dinner only if we have enough guests staying with us.

Menus are sent out to our guests a couple of weeks in advance so that they can make reservations before coming to stay with us.”
Suite Saint Bris - Château de la Resle, in Burgundy, France
— Suite Saint Bris

— To you personally, what is so special about staying at Château de la Resle?

Johan: “Despite Château de la Resle’s luxurious size, with all the amenities of a hotel, everything is designed in a way that makes you feel like you are in a house. It is decorated as a home and therefore is very personal and comfortable.

There are different artwork and design objects present everywhere in the house. Throughout the five years we’ve been open as this mix of a B&B and a hotel we have had guests from 30 different countries stay with us. It is very rewarding to see our visitors from various backgrounds and lifestyles appreciate the château’s design concept.”
 - Château de la Resle, in Burgundy, France
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