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Panorama Cinque is managed by Monica, owner.
90 - 130/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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Panorama Cinque lounge - Panorama Cinque, in Lombardy, Italy
— Monica: “We are a 15 minute walk from the beautiful promenade of Salò on Lake Garda with its elegant shops and beautiful architecture.”
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— How would you describe Panorama Cinque in a nutshell?

Monica: “Panorama Cinque is a small Bed and Breakfast, intimate and cozy, where design found its home. We are a 15 minute walk from the beautiful promenade of Salò on Lake Garda, Italy, with its elegant shops and beautiful architecture.”
Panorama Cinque lounge - Panorama Cinque, in Lombardy, Italy
— Panorama Cinque lounge

— What was your inspiration to open a small B&B on Lake Garda?

Monica: “The place inspired me. When I first saw this ramshackle house it felt so familiar, the perfect union between our home and a B&B. I imagined myself living here with my husband and I realized that this building has exactly what it takes to be a bed and breakfast.

My longtime dream has always been to create a place to live in harmony with myself. And I knew that this was the place! We travelled a lot and we developed a precise idea of what would make our dream B&B. And this is still our target when we travel today. We do it because we get inspired to improve the quality of what we can offer to our guests. I’m happy to say that we reached our goal thanks to the help of our architect, Stefania Pellegrinelli, who was able to translate our vision into reality with refined, accurate details and harmony.”
Panorama Cinque bedroom - Panorama Cinque, in Lombardy, Italy
— Panorama Cinque bedroom

— How would you describe the atmosphere at Panorama Cinque?

Monica: “In my opinion every corner of this place is like a part of a symphony. One of my favourite composers is Ludovico Einaudi, and often his notes expand in these rooms filling them with sweetness, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. The soft shapes and neat lines of the furniture together with variety of colours, instill peace and tranquillity, not only to our guests, but also to us who live here all year long.

Everything here is designed to create a feeling of relaxation: from the green bright garden to the stylish porch, from the kitchen to the common living room, the bedrooms and bathrooms – every detail follows this vision.”
 - Panorama Cinque, in Lombardy, Italy

— Please tell us a bit more about the guest rooms. Do you have a favourite? 

Monica: “We have four beautiful rooms which all face the garden. Every room has different characteristics, but all of them follow our philosophy. Three of the rooms are doubles as they are a bit bigger. But I confess that my favourite one is the smaller room – maybe because it is the most intimate and cozy.”
B&B lounge area - Panorama Cinque, in Lombardy, Italy
— B&B lounge area

— What other services and facilities are available to holiday guests?

Monica: “Every room has its own separate entrance for complete privacy and a little porch towards the garden. It is made of wood and iron and was created by the same architect who did the restyling. So our guests have access to the garden with all the herbs, flowers and little bushes directly from their bedrooms.

Depending on the weather we also serve our breakfast in the garden. The breakfast is my personal pride and I take care of that. We offer a nice variety of local bio-products with homemade cakes, quality cheese and cold cuts, infusions, teas and so much more to satisfy everybody’s taste.”
Bedroom - Panorama Cinque, in Lombardy, Italy
— Bedroom

— To you personally, what is so special about staying at Panorama Cinque?

Monica: “I wanted to create Panorama Cinque based my own necessities as a traveller. Our holiday guests who, just like me, love neatness, kindness, natural beauty, human relationships along with respect for everybody’s space, good quality food and friendly conversation, can feel at home here.”
 - Panorama Cinque, in Lombardy, Italy
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