Pianaura Suites is managed by Mara, the owner.
140 - 180/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Pianaura Suites breakfast area - Pianaura Suites, in Veneto, Italy
— Mara: “Our guests usually enjoy being in a place where they can experience a deep silence. All the while the centre of Verona is just a 20-minute drive away.”
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— How would you describe Pianaura Suites in a few words?

Mara: “Pianaura Suites is a peaceful paradise in the heart of Valpolicella, just north of Verona near Lake Garda. Our luxury B&B is made up of two 17th century stone houses with two suites located on a hilltop and surrounded by vineyards.”
Pianaura Suites breakfast area - Pianaura Suites, in Veneto, Italy
— Pianaura Suites breakfast area

— What was your inspiration to open a B&B?

Mara: “We found theses houses about 20 years ago when my husband was looking for something in the area of Valpolicella. When he saw this place he immediately fell in love with it and decided to buy it. We had originally intended to live here by ourselves instead of opening up a B&B and it was only a few years later after restoring the houses that we decided to open it up to vacation guests as well. We truly enjoy sharing the beauty of this place, its peace and tranquility with our guests.”
Courtyard - Pianaura Suites, in Veneto, Italy
— Courtyard

— How would you describe the atmosphere of the suites?

Mara: “We had a very good architect for the restoration of the houses. My husband and I did the interior design, which is a mixture of items we have brought back from our travels. There are intentionally not too many things around the place as we cherish the simplicity of it. However, it is still very much a work in progress, as we tend to move furniture around to keep things changing.

Our gardens are also changing all the time. The most important aspect about Pianaura Suites for me is that it offers many small spaces for our guests to enjoy, all with different atmospheres. There is a small courtyard between the two towers, an Italian garden, a formal garden, an Oriental garden, terraces and a vegetable garden, for example. Each of them is laid out and decorated differently.”
 - Pianaura Suites, in Veneto, Italy

— Please tell us about the two suites and the services you offer at the B&B.

Mara: “The two suites are luxuriously big and occupy one floor each with 8 or 9 windows on all sides. The suite on the first floor has its bathroom on the same floor and is brighter due to bigger windows and a glass door with stone stairs leading to the courtyard. There’s a fridge, kettle, microwave, toaster and coffee at this suite.

The second suite is very different in design, with the bathroom still inside the suite but down some small stairs. There’s a simple kitchenette with a fridge, kettle, microwave, sink, coffee machine and a toaster. It’s not a place to cook a big meal, but you can prepare something simple like a light lunch or dinner to have in the garden.

We offer a carafe local wine every day, we provide daily room service, can organise massages and during the warmer seasons our guests can enjoy the plunge pool and the gardens.

On their arrival, our guests will also find the fridge full of necessary items for breakfast during their stay.”
Pianaura Suites living area - Pianaura Suites, in Veneto, Italy
— Pianaura Suites living area

— What is so special about staying at Pianaura Suites?

Mara: “Pianaura Suites is a very quiet and well-preserved place with a beautiful view of the surrounding nature, which I absolutely love. Our guests usually enjoy just that, being in a place where they can experience a deep silence. All the while the centre of Verona is just a 20-minute drive away, making it an easy destination for meals or a day trip.”
Garden - Pianaura Suites, in Veneto, Italy
— Garden
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