Villa Santorini I is managed by Takis, Administrator.
320 - 690/night
Suitable for up to 4 people

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Villa Santorini I pool area - Villa Santorini I, in Santorini, Greece
— Takis: “The villa is perfect for those who seek absolute relaxation in an utmost romantic environment.”
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— Tell us a bit about the history of Villa Santorini I.

Takis: “The villa actually belongs to my family and was restored 10 years ago. Before that it belonged to one of the feudal landlords who became wealthy by exporting the Vinsanto wine. We tried to renovate it the best way possible to maintain the original feeling of the house but still added some features. Now it has comforts like a private pool, air conditioning, WIFI, iPod with docking station, satellite TV. We tried not to change the traditional style of the original house which features a beautiful secluded courtyard with garden (where the pool is), and a smaller but equally lovely yard for alfresco dining with views on the village church domes.”
Villa Santorini I pool area - Villa Santorini I, in Santorini, Greece
— Villa Santorini I pool area

— What is the interior of the villa like?

Takis: “The villa is very original and traditional even though it has all the modern comforts and amenities. There is even a 24 hour concierge service and a daily maid, just like in a 5 star hotel. It has original wooden floors and high vaulted ceilings, and all the furniture are either original antiques or made by local artisans to complement the history of the house.”
Living area - Villa Santorini I, in Santorini, Greece
— Living area

— Tell us a bit about the different rooms please.

Takis: “There are two bedrooms, the bigger one with a four-poster bed, a big dining and living room area with a kitchen and a bathroom. Double doors open to the cobblestoned courtyard with a Moroccan-style pool and an alfresco dining area with lovely views over the village. Our Concierge can arrange anything from private massages to private boat tours.”
Pool area - Villa Santorini I, in Santorini, Greece
— Pool area

— What it so special about this villa rental?

Takis: “The serene and relaxing atmosphere, especially when you return in the evening and just relax in the beautifully lit courtyard with the pool. Its integration into village: The second you step outside you find yourself surrounded by the many white-walled houses of Santorini and the village’s domes while the traffic free village square with the lovely restaurants are only 50 meters away! Another big advantage in comparison to some other houses is that the villa is really private and surrounded by big white walls. That’s why in the past we had many celebrity guests enjoying their privacy with us during their vacation on Santorini.”
Bedroom - Villa Santorini I, in Santorini, Greece
— Bedroom
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