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Castello di Vicarello is managed by Aurora, the Owner.
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Castello di Vicarello - Castello di Vicarello, in Tuscany, Italy
— Aurora: “We are who we are. We did this place because we fell in love with it. We put all our energy into it, our past life, our experiences.”
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— What is the history of Castello Di Vicarello?

Aurora: “When we bought the castello in the late seventies it was an absolute ruin. We came here permanently in ’98 and opened in 2003. Before, we lived in Indonesia. When we came back to Italy, we lived in Milano for three years. Then we decided to change our life radically and here we are.”
— Castello di Vicarello

— What is your philosophy at Castello Di Vicarello?

Aurora: “We are who we are. We did this place because we fell in love with it. We put all our energy into it, our past life, our experiences. The approach to the guests is easygoing, not formal. We like guests to feel at home although we don’t like people to go around naked! Basically, we want people to feel at home, relaxed and happy.”
— Villa Chiesina bedroom

— What’s the secret of being a good host to your guests?

Aurora: “It’s never easy to do things to a very high standard. You always have to keep an eye open, if not two. To give more service and become better every day is a lot of work. You have to be used to having people around; you always have to be aware of their needs.”

— The interior design of Castello di Vicarello is really beautiful. Were you responsible for the interior design?

Aurora: “Yes, my husband and I did everything with the furniture that we had. It’s like my home. We put in what we like and when we feel a room is okay for us then I think it’s fine for our guests.”
— Suite Vicario

— Clearly the kitchen plays an important role in the house.

Aurora: “I think so, yes. The kitchen is like the kitchen of a house, not the kitchen of a restaurant. Everybody passes through the kitchen. We have an organic garden and every day we change the menu according to what we have in season. Everybody can see the preparation, it’s nothing secret.

We even offer cooking classes at the castello if guests want to and are about to publish a cook book with our recipes as well.”
— Castello di Vicarello kitchen

— The rooms are all different at Castello di Vicarello. Do you have a favourite one?

Aurora: “I think the Suite I Sassi is fantastic. Sassi has the most stunning view. It depends on the season though, because if you ask me at the beginning and the end of the season, Vicaria is wonderful. It has a wonderful fireplace so when it starts to get cool at night it’s nice to be in front of the fireplace. There’s also the Villa Chiesina. I lived there for two years before moving up to the main building and I left my heart there. It’s a very, very happy house. You go out and you’re absolutely in the middle of nature so it’s very beautiful.”

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