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Ammos Hotel is managed by Nikos, the owner.
120 - 310/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Ammos Hotel pool and beach - Ammos Hotel, in Crete, Greece
— Nikos: “Ammos Hotel is situated right on the beach. You can practically jump right from your room into the sea.”
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— How would you describe Ammos Hotel in a few words?

Nikos: “Ammos is a fresh, unpretentious, and very well designed boutique hotel in Crete, Greece. We are very easy and uncomplicated, and our house is situated right on the beach. You can practically jump right from your room into the sea.”
Ammos Hotel pool and beach - Ammos Hotel, in Crete, Greece
— Ammos Hotel pool and beach

— What was your inspiration to open a boutique hotel?

Nikos: “It was a random act. It was nothing deliberate. It just happened.

This is a 30-year-old hotel. I opened it when I was 24, which is young for a Greek man. As soon as I finished my studies and military duty, I became a hotelier.

It was a family decision. We had a family plot and they decided to build something. They started but left it half done for 10 years, and we either had to sell it at that time or finish it, so I took over.”
Ammos Hotel lobby - Ammos Hotel, in Crete, Greece
— Ammos Hotel lobby

— How would you describe the style of Ammos hotel?

Nikos: “I’m very conscious of design. I travel a lot and have spent a lot of hours and money on design. We had a very good architect who did the frame, but the inside is more my work. We change things every year and have to bring in a new photographer each time to capture those changes.

The interior style is not so Greek. The shell is typical of a Greek island — white and blue and simple — but the interiors are very European, quite sophisticated.”
 - Ammos Hotel, in Crete, Greece

— Please tell us more about the rooms and services you offer at the hotel.

Nikos: “The hotel rooms are simple in design, with a few special touches. They are around 22 square meters and have high ceilings. And they each have a small kitchen.

We have a very good restaurant onsite. We’re quite well known for the traditional Greek food, but we use less salt and oil to keep the meals lighter, and we locally source all the food. The restaurant is the heart of the hotel. We open for breakfast at 8:00 in the morning and we remain constantly open until midnight. This provides more flexibility for the guests.

We are a very family-friendly hotel, but we also have a spa for guests to receive a variety of massages, and we have a small gym. We also have a strong concierge department for recommending and organising things.”
Pool area - Ammos Hotel, in Crete, Greece
— Pool area

— And how would you describe the atmosphere at Ammos hotel?

Nikos: “The hotel atmosphere is very casual and easy. Everything has its order, but it’s Bohemian with a casual atmosphere. It’s not formal. You can eat dressed in a bathing suit.”
 - Ammos Hotel, in Crete, Greece

— What is so special about the experience of staying at your hotel?

Nikos: “The human factor is very important. It’s one of the few hotels that you can go in at this price level where you see so many people working. I love having many people working at the same time; you meet a lot of locals that way, and they’re all caring people.

The location is unique because you’re so near the water. There’s your room, the garden, the pool, and then the beach. This is not something you find commonly in Europe.

And the food is also very special. It’s simple and as if you were eating out of your own garden. It’s very appropriate for this climate — a lot of vegetables, not so much meat, no butter or overcooked food. It’s very old fashioned.”
 - Ammos Hotel, in Crete, Greece
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